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Lose Weight Fast with the Baby Food Diet

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The Baby Food Diet

The baby food diet is a new and interesting way to lose weight, and has been followed by popular celebrities, including Lady Gaga. Lots of people find it disgusting, but some have had major success stories with it. One follower claimed she managed to lose 8 pounds for her wedding in just 3 weeks. The diet was designed by a celebrity trainer.

On the baby food diet for weight loss, you’re allowed to eat 14 jars of baby food a day (any food, any flavour) and one ‘normal’ meal. Each jar contains a mere 80 calories, so eating 14 a day would reduce your calorie intake to 1120 calories, plus the calorific value of your one normal meal per day.

The baby food diet is low in fat and salt because food manufacturers are conscious that people will check the labels and make sure they aren’t feeding their babies too much unhealthy food.

However, some health experts see the baby food diet simply as a regime to reduce your calorie intake every day. Since you’re only getting a low amount of calories, it’s almost inevitable you’re going to lose weight fast. However, they aren’t sure it is a good long term option as it will most likely leave you tired and hungry in the long term. You also won’t have enough energy to follow an exercise regime as should be followed for a good weight loss programme.

If you’re trying the baby food diet for weight loss, you need to remember that initially your body will need some time to adjust! Baby food isn’t naturally designed to be consumed by adults and so you may end up with an upset stomach occasionally. Don’t give up – this is normal. You can still lose weight fast with the diet if you stick at it. Be warned though, purified food can have a laxative effect!

Finally, if you’ve just had a baby and want to get back into shape, you can follow the baby food diet for weight loss and bond with your baby at the same time. If you’re eating the same foods as your baby, at the same time, you might well feel more bonded to your baby. On the other hand you might simply find that what you’re feeding your baby tastes awful…

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