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Lose Weight for a Perfect Swimsuit Look – 10 Summer Weight Loss Tips

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Lose Weight for a Perfect Swimsuit Look

Summer is just around the corner so if you’re planning to lose a few pounds to look good on the beach you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to look at our top 10 summer weight loss tips to follow to get you in great shape for summer and keep you in great shape during it. Hopefully the weather will be hot so we’ll try and keep the tips simple and easy – some of the weight loss tips below even help you look skinnier without losing any weight!

Move more – when you’re trying weight loss for swimsuit wearing, getting out and moving a bit more in your daily routine is an excellent way to lose weight. If you’re clever about it you don’t even have to go too far out of your daily routine to get moving more – just get off the bus a stop earlier, or take the stairs instead of the lift.

Do push-ups – push-ups are better than you realise for toning up for summer as they exercise 6 muscles all at once – biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abs and gluteals. You’ll basically tone the whole upper half of your body ready for your swimsuit! If you can’t do full push-ups then start by doing them on your knees rather than feet and then progress.

Be careful with salads – summer makes us want salads over chips; they’re refreshing and light and make a perfect end to a day on the beach. It’s good to eat salads, but for summer weight loss, make sure you choose one without dressing, croutons or fatty meats (such as bacon). In restaurants you can ask for salad without dressing.

Eat less salt – eating less salt is a really easy summer weight loss tip. All you need to do for this tip is to avoid putting any extra salt on your meal. Remember, if the dish really does require salt then it will already have been included in cooking it.

Boost your fibre intake – increasing your fibre intake is an excellent way to reduce your appetite and lose weight for summer. Try and stick with lots of fruit and vegetables as eating these will increase your fibre intake and reduce your craving for any type of food. Be warned that when you increase your fibre intake you may feel worse initially; this is normal – stick with it and you’ll see the benefits soon.

Drink less alcohol – alcohol contains a large amount of calories, yet we rarely think about it. A pint of beer can contain 300 calories, and there are at least 100 in a glass of wine. Even if you have one glass of wine less every time you go out the calories saved will soon add up and you’ll be well on your way to losing weight for summer!

Pilates – Pilates is another great way to lose weight during summer. The key point making Pilates ideal for summer is that you don’t have to move around too much getting all hot and sweaty. You can find a Pilates class or even do it in your living room. Pilates will tone up your back and abs – exactly the parts you want to show off in your swimsuit!

Increase your protein – foods that have large amounts of protein in them take a long time for you to digest and therefore you feel fuller for longer. Eating more fish is a great way to increase the amount of protein in your diet and it makes the perfect summer’s dish – who could refuse fresh smoked salmon on a summer’s evening?

Dress for your shape – dressing for your shape won’t help you lose weight during summer, but it will make you look better and hopefully make you feel more confident. If you’re a pear wear high-cut bottoms and a v-neck; for Apple choose clothing that draws attention to your sides and upper body. Hourglass body types can wear string bikinis to show off their figure, while full bust should use Halter tops. Finally, full shapes should wear smooth fitted skirts and v-necks, and those with lean figures can choose a string bikini with a bold pattern.

Improve your posture! – here it is – our number one summer ‘weight loss tip’ is improve your posture. If you’re wearing a bikini simply sit up rather than slouch and your stomach will extend making you look slimmer – simple!

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