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Lose Weight with the Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer Weight Loss

Elliptical Trainer Weight Loss

Elliptical trainers (more commonly known as cross-trainers) are exercise machines that you can find in many gyms, but they’re also suitable for home use. The idea behind them is that they simulate the exercise of running or walking without the impact damage to joints as the pedals go down slowly rather than your feet hitting the floor every time you walk or run outside. Elliptical trainers provide primarily a cardiovascular workout making them good for weight loss, increased stamina, and all-round wellbeing.

For weight loss, you should follow an elliptical training workout routine. Fortunately, these are easy to follow. Most elliptical trainers come with pre-programmed exercise routines such as varying the incline or the ramp or resistance of the machine. You should choose the best one for your specific elliptical trainer weight loss goals. Now, you should look to use the elliptical trainer four times a week, spending 30 minutes on it each time. You should always maintain good posture whilst working out to protect your body from any injury. If you can get hold of one, a heart rate monitor is good to have as you’ll know when your heart rate slips off and can rectify it – you should be training in the UT2 region for cardio improvement.

One of the best things about elliptical trainers for weight loss, especially when comparing them to rowing machines and treadmills, is that it is possible to watch TV whilst doing them. Treadmills are noisy as the thuds from your impacting feet make watching TV hard, and rowing machines make an almighty noise every time you pull the chain. Elliptical trainers are near enough silent so if you ever feel like watching TV, instead of sitting in an armchair to do it just get on your elliptical trainer! You can burn over 1000 calories during 1 hour of vigorous elliptical trainer workout.

If you are serious about following an elliptical trainer weight loss program then it is very important to invest in a high quality one. They are more expensive but you really can’t put a price on your fitness! The problem with cheaper ones is that they squeak or clunk (eradicating the chance of watching TV on them!) and the important fluid motion they have that reduces the chance of impact damage isn’t there. You should look in reputable stores for these high quality ones, and don’t be afraid to ask the assistants about them. Gym equipment is expensive so it’s important to get the right one.

Elliptical Trainers (Cross Trainers)
Here are some of the best cross trainers available on the market. Their prices range from a little over £100 to as expensive as £8,500. Of course, the most expensive ones are suitable for gyms and their heavy usage.

1. Entry Level Elliptical Trainers
Magnetic Elliptical TrainerThese are the cheapest elliptical trainers. They are suitable for beginners and for those that have limited training space. Manufacturers such as: Marcy, York Fitness, Reebok and Kettler provide a large variety of entry level cross trainers.
Marcy ME09 is one of the cheapest magnetic elliptical trainers. It’s valued at around £119. Other popular entry level cross trainers are: York Fitness Heritage Series X101 (£199), Reebok I-Trainer 1.1 (£229) and Kettler Rivo P (£329).

2. Advanced Cross Trainers
Advanced Cross Trainer These elliptical trainers are equipped with several workout programs, they are able to measure heart rate and the amount of calories that you burn.
The York Fitness Diamond Series X301 is a class-A ergometer. It provides a great feature called target heart rate program, which automatically adjusts the resistance to match your heart rate and means you can direct your workout to specific areas, whether that is burning fat or improving aerobic capacity.

3. High End Elliptical Trainers
High End Elliptical TrainerThese cross trainers are made for advanced users. They provide a series of functions and features which help you to train more efficiently and experience increased pleasure. Multiple hand-grip options allow users to train different muscle groups. High end elliptical trainers usually come with a 19” Stride Length, are very silent and provide excellent movement patterns.
The C45 Cross Trainer, is a high end elliptical trainer provided by Tunturi. This fitness machine provides safe heart rate control, a huge variety of programs. It’s equipped with a large 14″ display. Users will accomplish highly efficient dual training for upper and lower body. The Ergometer ensures efficient and safe training.
Other features include: built-in MP3 player, realistic simulation of outdoor training and many other premium functions.

4. Commercial Elliptical Trainers
Commercial Cross Trainer Obviously, these pro elliptical trainers are the most expensive ones. They can be used for any kind of commercial applications like: Health Clubs, Rehabilitation Centers, Wellness Centers, Corporate Fitness, and Hotels.
A popular commercial elliptical trainer is the Landice E950 Pro Trainer Cross Trainer. It provides an adjustable stride length system 17-23″. This fitness machine has a solid frame, the 11-gauge heavy duty steel construction allows up to 500-pound user weight capacity.

* Prices and elliptical trainer features provided by Gymworld.co.uk.

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