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Lose weight with the Pritikin Diet

the pritikin diet

Woman Following The Pritikin Principle

The Pritikin diet (also called the Pritikin Principle) is a diet plan that focuses on eating vegetables, fruits and grains that are high in fibre, whilst ensuring that fat does not make up more than 10% of your daily food. Following this regime ensures a very low fat diet with a high carbohydrate intake. This high carbohydrate intake makes this diet perfect to be paired with a fitness routine.

The Pritikin principle also states that you should eat six or seven small meals a day. This has long been proposed as a weight loss strategy as eating smaller meals multiple times a day has been proven to help people lose weight. When eating these meals, you should follow the “Calorie Density Solution” whereby you consume a low number of high calorie density foods (these are foods which contain a high number of calories for the weight of the food and include apples and brown rice) until you are full.

If you think that you could eat less food that’s high in calories, rather than more foods that are lower in calories then the Pritikin diet is for you. However, a lot of people find it easier to eat more food with lower calories, so for the Pritikin principle to work for you, you must think carefully about whether you can follow this sort of diet strategy.

However, the Pritikin diet does have one major disadvantage. The American Heart Association recommends against low fat diets as they think between 25% and 35% of your diet should be calories derived from fat. If you want, you can still follow the Pritikin Principle, except increasing the fats slightly to make them at least 25% of your diet.

Overall, if you can eat low volume, high calorie amounts of food then this diet should work for you and be quite effective. If possible, you should consider the advice given by the American Heart Association and increase your fat intake slightly.

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