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Marriage Adds Weight – Divorce Promotes Weight Loss

divorce promotes weight loss

Marriage adds Weight; Divorce promotes Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? Get a divorce. Okay so that statement is a bit extreme, but a recent study has shown that there is a strong positive correlation between divorce and weight loss, and a similar one between marriage and weight gain. If you don’t believe it, keep reading for some good reasons to back this up.

The type of post marriage weight gain the study saw wasn’t a life-threatening one, so don’t worry. Weight was observed to be put on at a slow rate, year by year. However, as weight gain increases it generally snowballs because the amount of food needed to service the existing weight increases. Whilst it isn’t good that the weight gain increases at a compounded rate, it is encouraging because it means you only need to lose a relatively small initial amount of weight to get rid of the eventual gains.

The top reason for post-marriage weight gain is that you’re completely secure in a relationship and you don’t need to make yourself lose weight in order to attract a partner any more. If you think this is making you gain weight then you can combat it by altering your thinking slightly; the person you have married is obviously one that you love, and so you should look after your body to show your love to your husband or wife. This may include watching your weight.

The study found that in particular, female weight gain was more acute than male weight gain after marriage. One of the professors involved in the study came up with the theory that this was because women generally had to take more of a house-based role in the relationship which was time consuming. This means that after marriage, women have less time to work out and lose weight. However, there is strong evidence that shows that housework can do a lot of good to aid weight loss and housework can completely replace other exercise if do with enough vigour – don’t give up hope yet!

On the other side of the coin, the correlation between divorce and weight loss was particularly poignant in males rather than females. This was explained by the differences in how males and females react to shock. In this case, male weight gained after divorce was explained away by comfort eating. Again, males out there need to change their thinking after a divorce and keep comfort eating to a minimum; keep your weight down and get yourself out there looking for another partner.

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  • Divorce Blogger October 10, 2011, 12:30 pm

    A good post with some great advice. The findings of the survey – i.e. that marriage and security promote weight gain whereas traumatic events such as divorce promote fluctuation in weight – weren’t surprising, and, as a result, it’s nice to see a post that comments on these findings rather than just reporting them.

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