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Massage and Weight Loss

Massage and weight loss

Massage and weight loss

Massage therapies are getting more and more popular these days. Massage it is all about relaxation, pain relief, improved peripheral blood circulation, improved digestion. It also helps people suffering from anxiety and depression and provides numerous other benefits. Within this post we aim to analyze if massage aids in weight loss. We will mention some of the most popular benefits of massage therapies and judge how much they can influence the weight loss process.

Massage is a natural, effective and pleasurable process. It is done by applying pressure on different parts of the body, targeting tissues like muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints or other connective tissue. There are many types of massage including manual massage or massage done with the help of mechanical aids, depending on the type of the procedure and the results that have to be obtained.

The relationship between massage and weight loss can be divided in 2 different sections. First we will analyze the direct influence of a massage therapy on the body. We will try to understand how a therapy can help it reduce fat. After that we will mention numerous indirect benefits provided by massage sessions for every weight loss seeking individual.

Massage and Weight LossDirect Influence
1. Massage vs Cellulite
Massage and weight loss are most commonly linked when it comes to cellulite reduction. Obviously, we are now referring to the cellulite massage. This is a process that aims to sooth away the lumps from your thighs, buttocks and stomach. Cellulite is caused by the fat that we ingest, fat which mainly comes from junk food. Depending on each individual’s lifestyle and gene pattern, cellulite is produced in bigger or smaller quantities.
Cellulite massage is efficient when done by a massage therapist during the length of several session. This type of massage will definitely reduce your cellulite. It will also improve your blood circulation and rise your self-esteem.

2. Weight Loss Massage
This type of massage is a controversial subject. There are numerous specialists and massage saloons offering a weight loss massage therapy. It consists in a general body massage that aims to break down the fat capsules placed under the skin and allow the body to reabsorb the fat. However, studies could not prove the efficiency of the weight loss massage. So, you shouldn’t have big hopes for major results if you chose to follow a weight loss massage therapy. The good thing is that massage can’t harm anyone. You will be more than likely to experience weight loss due to the indirect influences provided by a massage session. Check them below!

Massage and Weight LossIndirect Influence
1. Massage and Relaxation
Probably the biggest and fastest acting benefit provided by a massage therapy is relaxation. It takes only 5 minutes of a massage session to help your body fight the stress away. This therapy reduces the levels of cortisol in your blood and your body will start relaxation right away. Digestion is improved and all body functions return to an optimal working level. A massage session will make you feel great, look fresh, act energetic and follow your weight loss routine with enthusiasm.

2. Massage and Muscles
Any serious weight loss routine involves a decent amount of fitness activity. If you’ve never been a sports fan or haven’t done physical activity for a while, you will find a massage session after a fitness workout, a true blessing. Massage will help you recover much faster from a fitness activity. It helps you avoid muscles soreness, prevent back any joint problems!

3. Massage and the Immune System
Another important benefit provided by the massage therapy is the immune system stimulation. An individual with a strong immune system will remain healthy for a longer period of time. This contributes to an active lifestyle which allows weight loss.

4. Massage and Depression
Many overweight or obese individuals fall into serious depressions once they realize the amount of extra weight they are carrying and the amount of work that they need to perform in order to achieve weight loss. Massage therapies are an excellent solution for this problem. Massage reduces and even heals sub-clinical depressions.

Massage and Weight LossImportant Tips
Be sure to chose a licensed and qualified therapist before starting a massage therapy.
Always inform your therapist that you aim to use massage as an aid in weight loss and share your weight loss program with him.
Massage for weight loss should be done once or twice a week, preferably after tiring fitness activities.

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  • Massage CEU October 19, 2010, 1:30 pm

    It is pretty outstanding that only 5 minutes of a massage can be effective at calming, relaxing and removing stress. Great post.

  • Candace Tariq December 3, 2010, 2:59 pm

    Why do women end up with all the fun things like cellulite and child birth? I wonder how men might deal with it?

  • FIT YUMMY MUMMY April 12, 2011, 1:01 pm

    Love it! To the point, articulate, and interesting..

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