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NYC Health Department Anti-Soda Commercials – Video

Anti-Soda CommercialsMan Eating Sugar, by New York City Health Department.

The NYC Health Department has recently launched two commercials to underline the negative impact which sodas have on general health. These are short, educational, powerful impact commercials which hit the target within 30 seconds and which unveil all negative side-effects caused by drinking soda. You can watch the first one in the YouTube video embedded above.
A man is eating sugar, 16 packs of sugar more precisely. This is the amount of sugar contained by a 20 oz. bottle of soda. We are informed that all the extra calories promote obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The health department encourage us to replace soda with water, fat-free milk, or unsweetened tea. Now, let’s check the second commercial from the campaign.

Anti-Soda CommercialsMan Drinking Fat, by New York City Health Department.

This commercial features the same man, but he is drinking fat this time, poured from a can of soda. I am surprised though about how slim and fit he looks, considering his revolutional diet. :)
We are informed that by drinking 1 can of soda per day, can make us 10 pounds fatter a year. A slogan is prompted:

‘Don’t drink your self fat!’
‘Cut out soda and other sugary beverages!’

We are once again asked to replace this unhealthy drinks with water, seltzer or low fat milk. I would add to this and recommend not just any water, but mineral still water.

Do mind that sodas are the same all over the world, so this commercial is not only for US people. UK and world wide consumers should learn the same lesson!

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