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Obese Children Develop Arterial Stiffness

Obese mother and child

Obese mother and her obese child

Canadian researches have concluded that obese children develop arterial stiffness comparable with the one developed by adults with heart disease. The study was conducted on 63 obese children and 55 normal weight ones. The kids with weight problems presented abnormal results on an ultrasound test of the heart and blood vessels. This test measured how fast blood flowed through their body.

Arterial stiffness was especially confirmed in the Aorta, which is the main artery of the body. It’s role is to carry blood rich with oxygen to the other arteries. Dr. Kevin Harris, from BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, explains the problems which are created by aorta stiffness:

“The normal aorta has elastic qualities that buffer the flow of blood. When that elasticity is lost, aortic stiffness results — a sign of developing cardiovascular disease,”

More, worrying is the fact that the stiffness of the aorta is associated with cardiovascular problems and early death. However, the same researches work on determining if aortic stiffness in obese children could be reversed with diet and exercise.

This alarming study should hopefully be a wake up call for all parents that raise obese children. If you can’t lose weight yourselves at least help your kids to get rid of their extra pounds. You must be aware that obesity can induce severe health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer.

Childhood obesity is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Make sure that your kid respects all three main meals of the day and that he follows a healthy diet. Cut the junk-food! More, encourage him day in and day out to perform fitness activities. You can send your child to swimming courses, football classes, self-defense classes and so on. More, reduce as much as possible the time that your kid spends on the computer or on the video game console.

News provided by: HealthDay News.

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