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Overweight Children can Lower their Blood Pressure with Weight Loss

overweight children

Overweight children are likely to suffer from high blood pressure

It is a known fact that obese children are risking to develop high blood pressure from the moment they start gaining weight. Researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine inform that even minimal weight loss can help overweight children in reducing high blood pressure. With more and more children suffering from obesity, problems like high blood pressure might lead to serious health issues during adulthood. Diseases like heart issues, diabetes or strokes are directly related with high blood pressure.

However, it’s reassuring that even minimal weight loss can help children to lower their blood pressure. The return to normal weight should put an end to their hypertension. Wanzhu Tu, one of the researchers, involved in a recent study in this matter, confirms:

“For obese and overweight children, even a small reduction in weight will produce a stronger benefit in blood pressure control.”

Mr. Tu and his colleagues gathered data from 1,113 children. They compared their blood pressure results with their BMI index (Body Mass Index). The results showed that the blood pressure of normal weight children was not affected by the BMI, however the overweight children had direct proportional blood pressure and BMI results. Those with higher blood pressure had a higher BMI too.

You should know that children high blood pressure can sometimes only be discovered by doctors. As they have to compare the measured blood pressure using a chart that minds age, sex, height and weight.

If your child is obese or even overweight you should definitely try bring him back to normal weight. As mentioned before every kilogram lost brings your child closer to normal weight and normal blood pressure. Don’t be indifferent, help your child to avoid high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reduced insulin sensitivity, and abnormal blood vessel function. All this are issues caused by extra kilograms. More, all of them will aggravate during adulthood if weight loss is not performed!

News provided by HealthDay News.

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