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Performing Martial Arts for Weight Loss

people performing martial arts for weight loss

Men and women performing martial arts for weight loss.

Many people look into martial arts to help them lose weight. One quick look at someone performing any type of martial arts shows that it requires strength and endurance and that has to burn at least a few calories right? But what are the best martial arts for weight loss? You have to think of a lot of things, including accessibility, intensity, availability, fun and price. It is up to you to decide which factor weighs the heaviest. Also, you need to understand what focus each of the martial arts has to help you decide which one is best for you. Let’s take a look.

Intense Arts
When it comes to losing weight, you have to think mainly about burning calories. There are a number of martial arts that require a lot more intensive training that others. In fact, for some martial arts, physical training is an essential part of the martial art. So, martial arts like tang soo do, tae kwon do and karate are very good for intensive workouts. Also, you may want to consider the martial arts that are more sports than arts, such as Brazilian jiu jitsu and kickboxing. Here, you will learn to be condition in such a way that you have a competitive edge over a potential opponent. Tae kwon do weight loss is reasonably rapid, if you follow the regime appropriately. Tae kwon do calories burn fast, with an average of 937 calories burnt per hour on medium impact.

Accessible Arts
One problem with martial arts is that they are not always readily available. For instance, kung fu is a very intense sport that will certainly help you lose weight, but finding a kung fu dojo may be a struggle. Generally, you will only find dojos in areas where there is a large Chinese community, but you may still struggle to be let in then. For more accessible sports, you may want to consider cardio kickboxing. This is offered in most good gyms. Do think about the availability of martial arts weight loss following regardless of which one you choose.

Fun Arts
The fun factor is very important. You must have fun in the sport that you do, or you won’t stick to it. However, determining fun depends on your personality. Some of the martial arts that are known to be more fun than others included Capoeira. This is a Brazilian type of martial arts, combining dance and music. This is great for people who love sports and how also love music. You could also consider kenpo. Kenpo is a type of karate and isn’t generally a very heavy workout. However, it is incredibly challenging and more fun for people of an intellectual nature. You could also opt for sport fights if you think competition is fun. These sports include mixed martial arts, boxing and wrestling.

Low Impact Arts
It must be recognised that not everybody who really wants to lose weight is completely ready to start taking part in martial arts classes. So, if you want to focus more on getting introduced to the arts and getting into a bit of shape first, you may want to consider bagua, tai chi or qigong. These are designed to make your core muscles stronger and more defined, but they don’t place any significant stress on the back or knees. These are enjoyable as arts in their own right, but also as an introduction to other types of martial arts. Losing martial arts calories doesn’t mean you have to kick through planks of wood necessarily!

As you can see, the best martial arts for weight loss depends entirely on your needs, your requirements and what is available to you. It is up to you to find the best one for you, particularly when considering all martial arts will have a positive effect.

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