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Play Basketball for Weight Loss!

friends playing basketball

Friends Playing Basketball

Basketball isn’t as big in the UK as in the US, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people that play it. Basketball is a really fast-paced sport and is great for weight loss – you change direction quickly, and sprint around the court a lot. Basketball for weight loss burns on average 150 calories per 15 minutes so if you just do a 15 minute basketball workout every day then you’ll be burning about 55,000 calories a year – about 16 pounds a year. Double this up and fit 30 minutes into your day and you’re burning 32 pounds a year – that’s over 2 stone lost a year from something enjoyable!

If you can find a pitch and a net somewhere and a few people to play with then that’s great – you only need to buy yourself a £5 ball. Otherwise, you can get yourself a net to put up on your house wall and play on your patio or on a quiet lane.

If you want to lose weight with basketball it’s a good idea to give your body the maximum workout you can in the time period you have allotted to the sport. This means playing with the smallest team you can find – just three people is perfect as you each will each get a good workout. This is especially good if you can find a few people with the same goal as you – to lose weight with basketball.

Anyone can play basketball for weight loss too. There are plenty of junior leagues that children can play in, and it can be good to motivate them by trying to get them to collect NBA stickers or watching games on TV (but not too much – they need to be out there exercising!) which should help motivate them in a similar way to watching their football stars. At the other end of the scale, as basketball’s weight loss properties are fairly well known now there are leagues for older people, including those 70 and over. Try the internet or advertisement boards in shops or post offices to see where your nearest appropriate league is.

Playing basketball for weight loss will also aid your social development. If it is your child playing, they will learn important team-working skills that will become valuable in all aspects of their life. If it is for older people they could well meet new friends to spend time with, or find people to network with for business interests or job prospects – there’s more to basketball than just losing weight!

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