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Play Squash for Weight Loss

Playing squash for weight loss

Playing Squash for Weight Loss

Squash is an intensive sport therefore making it ideal for weight loss. You are advised to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day on average, but for squash it is half this. So, you only need to do less than 2 hours of squash a week to stay healthy under the government’s guidelines. For squash weight loss you should do more than this.

An hour of squash burns at least 1000 calories, so to burn the equivalent of one pound of fat you’d only have to play for 3.5 hours. You should definitely not play more than 3.5 hours of squash every week as it is so rigorous that it could actually begin to damage your health. Ideally you should do 45 minutes every other day to give your body chance to recover. When you first start out playing squash for weight loss, you should give your body two days off in between to allow your tired muscles to heal. You should find that fat will reduce all over your body, and you will also develop good arm and leg muscles to complement your new physique.

As far is squash gear is concerned, there’s not an awful lot you need. A good pair of non-marking trainers is essential as you’ll be playing on indoor squash courts owned by leisure centres – the rent fee is usually negligible. You’ll also need a squash racket and a squash ball. Rackets can often be rented out from the leisure centre or a cheap one can be picked up for £15. 3 basic squash balls should set you back less than £6. If you’re a beginner, you should select the blue or blue dot ball as this is more conducive to beginner squash playing.

The basics of playing squash for weight loss is very similar to other racket sports, except in squash you have walls to play with too. After the serve, each player takes it in turns to hit the ball towards the wall. It must hit the wall above a certain line or the other player wins a point. Once the ball has bounced off the wall, the other player has one ball to return to make their shot and return the ball to the wall. Play will speed up as the game progresses as the ball will get hotter, thus getting softer, and bouncing further off walls meaning you need to run around more.

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