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Popcorn – An Unexpected Weight Loss Snack

Popcorn weight loss

Popcorn and Weight Loss

When you think of popcorn you usually think of an unhealthy snack that you eat at the cinema or when you’re watching a film and really want to binge out. However a popcorn snack can also be used as weight loss trick. It is even possible to work it into a diet plan as a treat part of the diet, without actually taking up too much calories. Whilst it is better for weight loss to try and have a diet without rewards that will add calories, a popcorn snack here and there will make you more motivated to lose weight as you are still having some of your favourite treat food.

If you are considering popcorn weight loss, the best thing to do is to work it into your current diet plan or current daily eating routine. For this just make sure you keep eating your healthy meals three times a day and whenever you get hungry you can go for a popcorn snack. Unfortunately, popcorn snacks aren’t all healthy for you – you have to make sure you get the right popcorn for weight loss or you’ll end up having popcorn weight gain! You need to look out for popcorn weight loss snacks that have no butter and very low salt as well as low fat and low sugar (better still, make it yourself – it’s the only way to get exactly what you want). Two cups of the right popcorn (no butter, no salt) only have 60 calories in it!

The reason you need to look for popcorn weight loss snacks that don’t have the ingredients in listed above is quite simple. Firstly, eating salt leads to water retention which, in turn, means that you’ll have more weight. Okay, so it’s not “bad” weight but it’ll still make you heavier on those all important scales! Low butter and fat are obvious as they make you fattier and thus heavier and sugar will also contribute to this fat.

If you can buy your own popcorn maker or hot air popper this would be brilliant as you can see exactly what you’re eating and you can make yourself the right kind of popcorn snacks for popcorn weight loss, i.e. without putting any of the ingredients listed above in it. Some people try and cheat by putting just a little bit of butter in to make it nicer to eat but this is completely the wrong idea; you must make the popcorn snack without butter for it to be effective!

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