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Popular Cardio Dance Workouts

cardio dance workout

People performing a cardio dance workout.

Dance cardio is a fun way for you to exercise your body, and in particular your cardiovascular system, through the power of dance. Cardio literally means that you try to achieve a certain heart rate, that you want to increase your metabolic rate, that you want to burn calories, and that you want to make your muscles stronger. Most people tire of doing the same routine over and over again, which is why it is important to know about the different great cardio dance workouts so you can pick and choose and keep up with the fitness regime. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Zumba is hugely popular. Regardless of where you live, it is likely that there is a Zumba class near you somewhere. If you don’t want to go to classes, you could buy a Zumba DVD, or you could do it on any of the games consoles that allow interactive play, such as the Nintendo Wii or Xbox with Kinect. It uses both slow and fast movements, giving your body an overall workout.

Jazzercise is increasing in popularity, but you may still struggle to find a class. It is quite similar to Zumba, but it focuses more on toning and strengthening the muscles. However, it is still a cardio exercise and a very fun one to take part in.

Hip Hop
Hip hop dancing is a fantastic cardio workout. It is fun and energizing and it uses really current music as well as current dance moves. You can really turn this into anything you want, so long as you use all of your muscles. Most people would prefer to go to classes rather than come up with their own hip hop moves, which is generally a better idea to achieve any kind of sustained cardio exercise. There are also plenty of DVDs you can use for this type of exercise.

Belly Dancing
Belly dancing is becoming more and more popular. Essentially, it is OK for women to be sexy and to show off their curves. The results of belly dancing are amazing, which surprises many people because true belly dancers have a little bit of a pot belly. However, it really strengthens your core and abdominal muscles and it will skyrocket your heart rate. It is often used in combination with Zumba.

Salsa Dancing
For years, salsa dancing was a very popular cardio exercise. Now, however, it seems to be more reserved for older people. However, this doesn’t mean salsa exercises – salsacise – should be dismissed. It is very important for people who are aging to continue to take part in regular exercise, and salsacise is a great low impact way of keeping the heart muscles strong.

These are but a few of the options available in terms of dance cardio exercise classes. Most classes use a combination of music and other moves, such as Indian music in combination with boxing, tae bo and ballroom and so on. It is all about doing something that is fun, something that you could picture yourself doing whilst doing the ironing. Have fun and move!

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