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Rachel’s Weight Loss Success

woman walking
Rachel, one of our readers, has related us about her success with weight loss. Rachel is a 50-year-old woman. She managed to lose weight after discovering the pleasant long morning walks. Read her entire story here:

Once you get to 50, you begin to accept how you are. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you feel comfortable with how you are; you just come to terms with it. Having struggled with my weight all my life (a childhood of chips fried in lard didn’t give me the best start) and having tried many diets throughout my time, I began to give up and just accept that I was destined to be overweight. Yet, I never felt happy with myself and neither did any of my friends. One day we were sat having a meal together when the conversation got onto our weight (as is often the case) and all despairing about our predicaments. Having listened to 5 other women moaning about being overweight I had a sudden realisation that I sounded just like that! And I didn’t like what I was hearing – it seemed so defeatist and I hadn’t been brought up to act like that. It was at that point when I decided that I needed to do something about my weight before it got too late.

So, the next morning I decided to go for a walk – not a run (that doesn’t agree with me) but a nice long walk. I’ve always known that I live in a beautiful area but it was only then that I realised just how beautiful. I was completely distracted from the tiredness I was feeling and by the time I got home 2 hours later I realised that I’d walked further than I’d ever walked in my life (although, granted, I haven’t been one for exercise). The thing is that I felt so good about it that I wanted to keep doing it, so I did! Every morning I would get up early and go for a long walk before my breakfast. There is nothing like the crisp morning air to wake you up in the morning!

I didn’t think that it was doing much for me – after all, what can a few hours walking per day do? But after a couple of weeks I looked at the scales and saw that I was 4lbs down! After doing something that I loved doing. It felt good and it was helping my weight. 6 months on and the benefits are there for all to see. I look younger and am thinner – but best of all I feel comfortable with myself and my body for the first time ever! All because of a bit of walking!

Submitted by: Rachel aged 50, from Leicester.

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