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Rebounding Exercises for Weight Loss

Rebounding for weight loss

Rebounding for Weight Loss

A well-known phrase is ‘no pain, no gain’ and it usually applies to fitness regimes for weight loss – if you’re not working hard, you’re not losing weight! However, rebounding offers a way to flip that saying on its side by offering a fitness method that doesn’t need much physical exertion. NASA even call it the best all round fitness workout you can do – that’s a recommendation indeed!

Rebounding exercises for weight loss mainly use a trampoline. The perfect size for one of these is about 3 foot in diameter, and 9 inches high. With any luck you can use this in your home. Because rebounding is a quiet exercise, you can even keep the TV on whilst you rebound and watch your favourite programme; in fact if you watch TV for an hour every day, you could be rebounding whilst you watch it, thus burning calories and losing weight! You’re not limited to just straight jumping on the trampoline either, rebounding exercises can take almost any form, such as star jumps, and you should try them all out so as not to get bored – it’s all exercise!

Rebounding for weight loss not only helps you reduce the fat on your body through cardio exercising, but it also stimulates the lymph network around your body. The lymph system is fully reliant on movement of the body to move its cells around, rather than blood which is pumped by the heart. Therefore by jumping up and down on a trampoline you’re doing a good job for your immune system.

People who do rebound exercises for at least 10 minutes a day report multiple benefits to their lives – this includes things like better sleep at night, higher energy levels during the day, and less stress and tension throughout their lives. Rebounding exposes the body to G-forces thus improving the strength of your muscles and skeletal frame. Rebounding weight loss exercises also carry a similar weight loss effect to jogging, but they avoid the hard impact on your joints, making it a better form of exercise.

Rebounding exercises are best carried out with shoes on for supporting your feet and ankles – whilst it may seem more fun to do it barefoot, it is safer to wear non-slip shoes. You should also make sure you buy a rebounding trampoline from a reputable brand to ensure quality – the last thing you want is a broken trampoline and an injury when trying to lose weight.

Rebounding Exercises for Weight Loss:

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