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Review of the Sensa Weight Loss System

couple sprinkling sensa flavor

Couple sprinkling sensa flavor.

Imagine eating everything you want to eat without ever having to count calories. Imagine not having any cravings and not depriving yourself of anything. All you need to do is sprinkle some Sensa, a flavor enhancer, onto everything you eat. And if you do this, you will magically lose weight. According to Sensa, the crystals enhance the taste of food, but also make you feel fuller. Hence, you eat less and you lose weight. According to the website, you can lose 30 pounds in just six month.

What Is the Sensa Weight Loss System?
Some people call the Sensa Diet the “Sprinkle Diet”. However, the reality is that it isn’t a diet at all, since there are no foods that you are restricting yourself to. The crystals are made of silica, maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate and various flavors. You use them just as you would sugar or salt, which enhances the flavor and scent of whatever you eat.

Naturally, you do have to purchase the right Sensa for the right flavor. There are savory and sweet flavors, which are:
• Savory: onion, cheddar, ranch dressing, horseradish, parmesan cheese and taco.
• Sweet: spearmint, cocoa, raspberry, strawberry, banana and malt.

All of these sprinkles are free of calories, salt and sugar.

How Does Sensa Weight Loss Work?
Basically, the Sensa weight loss sprinkles work on your sense of smell. This then makes your brain tell your stomach that you are full. This is known as sensory-specific satiety. By influencing smell and taste, people can completely change their eating habits, and thereby their full behavior.

Is There any Evidence?
At present, the available evidence seems to be the advertisements that have been created by the Sensa company itself. These are created by Hirsch. However, none of these studies have been published in medical journals or other types of peer reviews. Nutritional experts have stated that this is worrying to say the very least. Indeed, they have stated that the system seems to oversimplify the actual psychology and physiology of the human body. It simply isn’t as easy as smelling something and feeling full.

However, at the same time, the placebo effect cannot be denied either. The reality is that if Sensa manages to stop people from consuming as many calories, then weight loss will ensure. However, it cannot be proven at present that this is actually due to Sense and not only due to the placebo effect. The link between smell and weight loss has simply not been researched sufficiently yet, which is why diet and nutrition experts continue to recommend more traditional weight loss plans.

Because there has been no scientific evidence to support Sense as of yet, it is also recommended to speak to a medical professional before starting this diet. We would be very interested to hear your experiences if you have tried it, and whether you believe it to work or to be nothing but a placebo effect, so please do give us a review of the Sensa weight loss sprinkles.

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