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Rollerblading Weight Loss

rollerblading weight loss
Rollerblading for weight loss is a very fun way to lose weight and can also save you money – instead of taking the bus, train or car to work you can simply skate there on roller blades or inline skates instead. On the commute to work, a good speed would be 10mph/16kmh provided the pavements aren’t busy – you can see that it really is a good alternative to other forms of travel and it’s much more fun!

You can buy a nice pair of skates for about £60/$100 but you should also give serious consideration to safety gear. A helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you should have with you when rollerblading or inline skating as it will protect your head if you fall. A good place to go for this is a specialist bicycle shop who will be able to fit you up with the correct size helmet and make sure it is the safest one for you to use. Knee and elbow pads and gloves are optional but recommended as these are the areas that you are going to hurt if you fall – it is certainly worth the investment to buy a set of these rather than hurting yourself.

A good idea if you’re trying rollerblading for weight loss or inline skating for weight loss is to encourage some of your friends to do it with you. If you have a park nearby it would be good fun to meet up on a set time and date every week and spend an hour rollerblading with your friends – you can chat at the same time which makes the time pass even quicker and you won’t even notice the fact that you’re losing weight. An average 180lbs adult would burn about 600 calories in an hour’s rollerblading session. That’s almost a whole standard pork pie burnt off in an hour! However, it is also good fun to rollerblade alone as it gives you time off from the day to day grind and allows you to collect the thoughts you’ve had recently – perhaps this thinking time will help you change something in your life you don’t like.

If you have a social or competitive streak then there are plenty of rollerblading clubs that you can join where you will find a large number of people that started rollerblading or inline skating for weight loss and they can offer you support and guidance. They will also organise sprint races and marathons to enable you to check out your skills against other rollerbladers.

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