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Rowing Machine Workout Benefits

Rowing machine workout

Couple performing a rowing machine workout

Rowing machines are essential workout equipments in any gym you go to, and rightly so since they provide some excellent physical and mental benefits for those who use them properly. They also help you build up your hamstring muscles (and reduce some of that fat from your thighs), strengthen your arms and back, and provide good posture. They are also quite easy to get to grips with, and even allow you to do something else, such as watch TV or listen to music, whilst you’re on them. If you work hard and get the fan at the front of the rowing machine going particularly fast it should give you a nice breeze of fresh air every time you start the stroke! Great motivation to row faster to!

When you’re doing a rowing machine workout you should start with your arms stretched out grasping the handle firmly, with your back relatively straight and your knees bent right up. Now, shoot backwards by extending your legs, but make sure you keep your arms straight and locked still. You shouldn’t be moving your back too much either. Now your arms are still locked you can bring the handle back into your chest by bending them, and leaning back about 15 degrees with your back to get in a bit of extra pull. Reverse the motion on the return stroke and repeat.

As stated above the rowing machine benefits can be divided into:
physical advantages,
mental benefits.
The Physical ones are muscle workout, strength training and calorie burning. All of them combined with the low impact features, of this fitness equipment, make the rowing machine a very efficient and healthy fitness machine. Joints are not stressed as there is no high impact involved in the movement. The 3 rowing machine physical benefits are great for any weight loss seeker, as it allows you to build muscles, gain strength and burn fat all in one exercise!
I’ve also mentioned mental benefits. The most important of them is stress reduction. If exercise on rowing machines is done several times a week, stress and anxiety is boosted and even eliminated in some cases.

A rowing machine training routine to follow is called the rates pyramid. For this you need to get the mini-computer on the rowing machine to display strokes per minute (S/M) by pressing display until this comes up. You also need the time showing. Following the rowing machine stroke set above, you should do four minutes keeping the stroke rate at 18, then four minutes at 20, four minutes at 22 four minutes at 26 and then finish with another four minutes at 22. This routine lasts 20 minutes in total and gives you a very good cardio workout, building up both your strength and stamina. You can repeat the whole ‘pyramid’ with breaks in between. Each time you do it, try and row further pulling back a little extra each time or by putting more power into your thighs to pull harder and faster. Alternatively, it is very good to do three sets of 3km on the rowing machine each time.

Due to the above mentioned rowing machine benefits, this fitness equipment is pretty much recommended to any age group and represents a great workout solution not only for weight loss seekers, but for everyone that wants to live a healthy and active lifestyle! With the hope that we’ve inspired you to integrate a rowing machine in your fitness routine, or at least to try one out, we wish you good luck and lots of power to exercise!

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