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Running for Weight Loss and General Health

family running for weight loss
We’ve all seen them; out there running along the pavement in their shorts and vests. Come rain or shine you see people out there running for weight loss and more times than not you are likely to take one look at them and think that it is not the sort of thing you want to be doing. Sure, we respect the way that they are going out running for weight loss and of course we wish that we could be the same but it looks so difficult! Or we don’t have time to go running, or we’re worried about looking silly as we run past all those people in their cars. However, running weight loss is one of the best things you can decide to do.

We are in the midst of a recession so do not want to spend excessively to lose weight. Indeed, the cost can often put us off doing the activity; with all the will in the world if we feel that the gym costs a little bit too much, particularly if we don’t feel particularly motivated to do it, then we will more than likely decide against it. The advantage to running weight loss is that it is completely free; you don’t have to join a club or pay to run anywhere, as long as you have a good pair of shoes and a bottle of water then you are able to take part.

The only problem that may be found that restricts you from seeing real running weight loss is the apparent lack of competition. When playing a competitive sport you are driven by your desire to win and it is much easier to go that extra mile in order to achieve victory. This is harder when you run because ‘going the extra mile’ will take a lot out of you; you will be very tired by the end of it and want to give up (a point known as ‘the wall’, by runners). It takes incredible mental strength to be able to overcome the pain you are feeling and keep going which is why it is advisable, when you begin, to run with a partner. This can give you the motivation or competition you need and keep you going when you are tired; resulting in you losing weight faster.

If you don’t have a running partner, the modern day technology is out there to help you. It is a fact that people improve their performance when they compete against each other. If you do not have a partner to jog against, you can always jog against yourself. Modern tracking devices, with included GPS functions, actual speed, average speed, running distance, calorie counter and many other tools which allow you to record your performance. Once you have your standard statistics you can always try to improve yourself and set personal records. This creates motivation and it will help you run longer and faster.

When it comes to running for weight loss, one has to emphasize on the length of the training, on a longer distance covered and not necessarily on a fast pace. You have to set your jogging time. Note, that the faster you run, the faster you will get fatigued. You need to find your pace, a pace that keeps your pulse steady and allows you to go for the long run. At the beginning you might find it hard, but note that the body can accommodate to a decent pace and you will be able to reach surprising distances. Good luck!

Running and weight loss have been linked for a very good reason; the evidence is there for all to see. More, running is not only a weight loss aid. It also has a very important contribution for maintaining your general health at a great standard. It aids the cardiovascular system, strengthens the muscles and relaxes the mind.

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