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Sara Rue’s Fast Weight Loss Story

Sara Rue before and after weight loss

Sara Rue Before and After Weight Loss

We always like to report on any celebrities that have had fast weight loss experiences – it’s always good to see what diets they’re following and because they’re in the public eye so much we can see how much they’ve lost, or follow their campaign very closely. This week we bring you the story of Sara Rue, a 32 year old American actress, who said she never used to wear a bikini because of her weight. She’s dropped from being a US size 14 (UK size 16) down to a US size 4 (UK size 6) and has kept her weight off for 9 months so far.

Sara Rue’s weight loss has seen her drop a huge 50 pounds and she describes the experience as “liberating and freeing” – if that’s not good enough motivation for you then what is? She was also losing weight in preparation for her wedding which is coming up in just over a month’s time.

Sara Rue followed a 1200 calorie-a-day plan with foods that her diet consultant recommended for her. She was able to even mix in her some of her favourite foods with what her consultant recommended. A few tips she shares with us is that she adds fruit and vegetables to everything, and tries to fit as much as those into her life as she can. She also sees meat as a side part to her meal, rather than the main part of it to help initiate weight loss. Mixing in lots vegetables with your main meal and having meat as only a relatively small part tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more food than you actually are, thus making you feel fuller than the actual amount of calories you’re consuming.

Sara Rue’s weight loss is now in the ‘maintenance’ stage where she’s trying to keep the weight off that she’s lost. This means that she can eat 1700 calories per day, which is only 300 calories short of the recommended daily allowance for women (2000 calories).

One unusual philosophy of the diet she’s following is that she’s allowed to eat her own snacks because she feels that not eating something like chocolate would make her dieting process impossible because of the huge amount of cravings; she admits to eating a slice of triple chocolate cheesecake every day!

Finally, in terms of exercise, Sara Rue recently ran a half marathon, and she hadn’t been a particularly active person before – the diet helped her take off the weight which enabled her to get running, and then she slowly worked her way up from one mile to thirteen.

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