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Sauna Weight Loss – Myth or Reality?

woman performing sauna weight loss
Many people can’t imagine a better way to lose weight. It seems so simple; sitting in your sauna and having a relaxing few hours every so often to sweat away, not only all your impurities, but also all of your weight. It seems like the easiest weight loss method in the world; it requires no exercise and merely needs you to pay for the cost of entry and the cost of a towel! A fantastic way to lose weight quickly and easily with as little hassle for you as possible!

Or is it? Sauna weight loss may seem good, but is it too good? Does the reality look much bleaker than it would seem; in a sense, is the sauna weight loss technique nothing more than an old wives’ tale?

Is sauna weight loss a myth or a reality?
Certainly, there are various things that we can discount from the idea. The first is that, by sweating, we remove grease from our body. This is simply not the case – the sweat is water based and, as any GCSE science student will allude to, grease and water do not mix. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no need for soaps and shower gels and products such as that – the process of standing in the shower would clean you straight away (and as we know, this isn’t the case). Grease is heavy and can constitute as much as 2kg of your weight! Unfortunately, sweating will not remove this so, in this sense, it is not a cheap weight loss technique.

Another reason why sauna weight loss can be seen as a myth is the idea that it cleanses you and, as such, that makes you lose weight by returning your body to equilibrium. In the long term, it may do this; the relaxation properties allow your brain to dictate your actions much more easily and, because of this, you are more likely to do things to help you lose weight. However, in the short term, it is not a quick weight loss technique in this sense.

How does sauna weight loss work?
The one way sauna weight loss works is by making you sweat. The human body is 75% water and, as such, the vast majority of your weight is water. If you are sweating then you are losing weight because you are physically losing your mass. However, this is not as sizeable amount as is often suggested which means that it can seem a bit misleading.

Do you recommend sauna weight loss?
So whilst it is true that sauna weight loss is achievable, it should be more effective to use traditional methods. However, you can integrate sauna weight loss in your weekly routine. Just remember that sauna weight loss might have long term benefits in terms of body relaxing and mind sharpening. It certainly won’t provide any significant rapid weight loss.

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