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Setting a Sensible Fitness Weight Loss Schedule

fitness weight loss
When you have made the decision to lose some weight by exercising, the first step you should take is to work out a sensible fitness weight loss regime. This is important as you will know whether you are doing too much exercise one week, or not enough another week, to meet your goal. It will also help you get in a positive state of mind, as you have laid out what you need to do and you can simply get on and do it then, rather than think each week about what you’re going to do.

First up, you need to work out how much weight you want to lose. This is pretty straight forward; you can either set yourself an ideal weight that you would personally like to achieve, or you may prefer to look on the internet to find the recommended weight of someone that is your age and gender – there are plenty of websites available to help you calculate this. You then need to work out how long you need to exercise for each week to achieve this, along with what sort of exercise you should be doing – for example, should you be running or cycling? Remember, you don’t need an expensive gym membership to get fit, you can simply go running near your home. You may wish to talk to a doctor or personal trainer to gather this sort of information. Fitness and weight loss are a great combination as getting fit will not only shape your body up, but improve your general health.

Set yourself a sensible amount of weight to lose over a certain time period, and then stick to it. This is personal to you, and no one can explain to you what ‘a sensible goal’ might be. Whether you choose to lose half a pound a week, or three pounds a week, depends on your initial weight, your motivation and the amount of time you have to exercise. The most important thing though, is to keep it realistic. You have to make sure you can hit these targets or you will get de-motivated and stop exercising. You can’t plan to hit your target weight within a very short time period as this simply won’t happen and again will de-motivate you. In short, work out a certain amount of exercise to do over a certain time period (weekly would be good), write it down, and stick to it!

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