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Shedding Fat With Real Ryder Bikes

Real Ryder Revolution Class

Real Ryder Revolution Class

Real Ryder bikes are a revolutionary new devices that allows you to cycle in a stationary way. They are different from regular bikes used in gyms in as such that they allow you to go up and down banks and to take turns as well. This makes the workout a lot more dynamic and they will use far more muscle groups than a regular indoor bike will do. The Real Ryder revolution is well and truly upon us!

Real Ryder for Non Cyclists
A lot of people dismiss Real Ryder classes because they don’t enjoy cycling. However, these classes are suitable for everybody and they are a whole lot of fun. If you take a class, do make sure you speak to your instructor to learn about what is expected of you and how you can make sure you exercise according to your own fitness level.

Why Real Ryder Classes Are Great Fun
The best thing about Real Ryder is that it simulates the real cycling experience, rather than just making you sit and move your legs up and down. This is boring and monotonous. The calories burnt during a Real Ryder sessions are tremendous and far greater than you would get from a regular stationary bike. Also, they help build muscle very quickly.

If done regularly, they will allow you to burn a whole lot of calories and it will get your body into fantastic shape. In fact, a single session on a Real Ryder can burn as much as 800 calories. Those who take it a little easy still easily burn as much as 600 calories. It is one of the best cardio exercises available on the market.

Although exercising on a Real Ryder will build muscle, it will not give you big legs. It will define your leg muscles and elongate them. Indeed, cyclists have big legs, but this is because they also add resistance training to their workout. Real Ryder is a cardio exercise and not resistance training.

Is Real Ryder Safe?
If you have back or knee problems, you should always consult your medical physician first to ensure that you are able to take part. However, as it can be set up as low-impact, most physiotherapists and chiropractors actually advise this type of training to people. Sometimes, you may even find that your insurance covers your Real Ryder subscription, particularly if you have private health insurance.

Should I Buy a Real Ryder?
Not every gym or sports center offers Real Ryder technology yet. It is possible to purchase RealRyder bikes, but the Real Ryder price tag is quite high. You can expect to pay around £1,000 for the device, which is quite a lot of money. Most people would agree that going to the gym is a much better option. Real Ryder classes tend to be very affordable. Perhaps you could ask your gym to invest in a few bikes. You could inform them of the Real Ryder bike price and ask them to take part in the revolution. Perhaps you could get a few people together and ask for your gym to set up Real Ryder classes, for instance.

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