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Smoking and Weight Loss

smoking and weight loss
In the UK, one third of the population are classified as obese. This is a problem that needs rectifying. However, many people turn to smoking as an adequate weight loss solution. There are medical reasons for this – smoking increases your metabolic rate and, as such, increases the speed at which calories are burnt up – subsequently resulting in weight loss. Also, nicotine acts as a hunger suppressant and makes you feel less inclined to eat; you therefore eat less and lose weight.

However, undoubtedly, this is the wrong way to go about it – although smoking may help you lose weight, your health will deteriorate and you become much more likely to die early; a quarter of all smokers die younger than 70.

Yet, for those who want to quit smoking and lose weight, there are many scare stories that are likely to deter you. The main one is that, after you quit smoking, there may be some weight gain. For those who desire to lose weight, this can be disastrous for your morale and self confidence and over 70% of people who choose to carry on smoking use this as weight gain as an excuse. Yet it needn’t be like this; it is possible to maintain weight loss after quitting smoking.

The main reason that a majority of people fail to lose weight after quitting smoking is because they replace the cigarettes with food. Without the hunger-suppressing nicotine, you begin to eat more and keep onto the calories (because you’ve taken away a substance that speeds up your metabolism), plus the fact that we eat the more calorie rich foods because we can now appreciate their taste! This is very easy to prevent if we ensure that we keep on top of what we’re eating. By choosing filling, yet healthy foods such as pasta, we can satisfy our taste buds and ensure that our weight loss continues (or at worst, our weight is maintained).

The main thing is not to get disheartened if we do put weight on after we quit smoking. On average, it amounts to little over 1.5kg, that’s about 3.5 pounds. Yet, we tend to overlook this and see it as a disaster that we’ve put on weight. This is the wrong attitude; 3.5 pounds can easily be lost with an extra 10 minutes jogging and is nothing to get disheartened about. You may gain weight but this is due to your body going through changes to how it’s working – it can be reversed!

Smoking weight loss should really not be considered as a potential solution for those of you that desire to lose some pounds. Even if you manage to achieve positive results regarding your weight, you will surly acquire negative side effects for your general health. If you are a smoker and want to quit this bad habit don’t use a potential weight gain as an excuse. Deal with your smoking habit first and after you handle it, focus on your weight loss desire.

As a conclusion, smoking and weight loss is surly a weight loss tip which you need to avoid!

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