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Sometimes You Will Have a Bad Day – Don’t Give Up!

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When you’re trying to lose weight, sometimes you will have a bad day, it’s a fact. This may be because you’ve been invited out for a meal at a restaurant that you didn’t want to miss (it is okay to treat yourself!) or simply because you had a bit of a bad day and really didn’t feel like sticking to your diet. This is okay as long as it does not become a regular occurrence, and make sure you know that you are going over. You have to say to yourself “Look, I know I’ve gone over, but I will do better tomorrow”. You shouldn’t view this as though you’ve broken your diet and is therefore worth giving up.

It’s probably a good idea to write down when you’ve had a ‘bad’ day and you can see how many of these you are having at a glance. You might want to consider allowing yourself one bad day per week as this will take the pressure off you a little. But, you don’t have to aim to have one bad day per week – if you manage to go 6 days without having a bad day don’t feel as if you must have a bad day on the 7th day of the week to compensate! Following this approach means that you will still get a chance to have a little bit of your favourite foods without feeling bad – dieting shouldn’t take the fun away from eating, and you should still be allowed the occasional chocolate bar.

Losing weight is no easy business and you will have to work hard to do it; you should be under no illusion about this. Sometimes you may find that you haven’t met your weekly target, sometimes you may actually have put on weight since the last week, but you still need to be able to look at yourself and know, not just think, but know you can do better and tell yourself you will. Always have it run through your head that you’re trying to achieve and slimmer and healthier you that will make you feel better in everyday life. You should also think that once you do give up and stop trying to lose weight it’s so much harder to get back in the grove – you will need extra motivation to get back, and that’s not what you want!

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