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Spinning Classes for Weight Loss

Spinning for weight loss

Spinning for Weight Loss

Spinning for weight loss is a new craze taking hold in gyms and fitness centres, and most regions are now offering pure spinning classes! Don’t be fooled by the title though – spinning classes are not simply classes where you stand around and do the hula-hoop. They involve cycling on specially-designed ‘spinning bikes’ with variable resistances.

A typical spinning class for weight loss is held in a gym or fitness centre, in a room filled with a large number of spinning bikes. You will be participating in the spinning workout with lots of other people with similar goals to you, and there will be a leader at the front of the room on a bike calling out commands. These commands take the form of role-playing with things such as “steep hill coming up!” being shouted at you, to allow you to imagine you’re actually cycling and keep motivated. At this point you can even increase the resistance on your spin cycle to make it feel like you’re travelling up a steep hill.

But, is spinning good for weight loss? The answer here is yes, and the reasoning comes from the fact that the bike has a variable resistance setting. Because of this setting, you can push yourself as much, or as little, as you want to lose weight. This is very useful if you have a heart-rate monitor on as you can aim for the heartbeat that will help you keep at the optimum pace for weight loss.

In a spinning class you should also be motivated to keep on pedalling away because of the commands from the leader at the front who is varying the routine, and from looking around at the other people who are trying hard to achieve similar goals to you.

The length of a spinning class is determined by the fitness centre that’s running it, but they are quite often around 40 minutes. This is the best duration for your body to burn off fat effectively. If you can, you should try and attend spinning classes about 3-4 times a week. If you set yourself a target of attending every day then you’re not being realistic, and when you miss one day by accident you are de-motivated. Attending less than this and you won’t see your fat burn off as well as you’d hope. You should try and spread out your visits too – doing 3 consecutive days at the start of the week and then not doing any exercise for 4 days isn’t going to do you much good; you should aim for one day attending the spinning workout followed by one day of resting.

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  • Wes November 1, 2011, 8:49 pm

    Does spinning help reduce the size of a beer belly?

  • Dave February 22, 2012, 9:05 pm

    Wes: spinning classes provide total body weight loss so a beer belly will be reduced too. One can burn easily over 1000 calories during an 1 hour spinning class.

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