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Studies confirm that Diet and Exercise lead to Weight Loss

Diet and exercise weight loss

Diet and Exercise Weight Loss

Fresh studies published today, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, confirm that lifestyle changes which include a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine offer significant weight loss results compared to the more and more popular but unnatural surgical weight loss interventions, as gastric bypass procedures.

The results of two different weight loss studies have been released to publicity. One, two-year long research, was conducted by Cheryl Rock (from the Moores Cancer Center in California) and was based on Jenny Craig’s weight loss products, combined with a five days a week fitness routine. The second study was led by Bret Goodpaster (from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine) was also based on combining dieting with exercising.

Cheryl Rock’s weight loss study chose 442 overweight or obese women. They where either counseled in person or by phone. The women received prepackaged food and an 30 minutes a day exercise routine. The average weight loss results obtained after two years where of 15 lbs (6.5 kgs), with women which received counseling in person losing on average 1 pounds more as those that received phone counseling. The authors also confirmed a very important aspect

“weight loss was largely maintained at two-year follow-up.”

Bret Goodpaster’s weight loss study was conducted on 130 obese men and women. They where split in two groups. The first group dieted and exercised from the start of the one-year long study, while the others introduced exercising at the halfway mark. Exercising consisted in weight loss walking for around an hour, five days a week, aiming for at least 10,000 steps a day. The first 6 months results showed a clear weight loss advantage for the diet and exercise group 24 lbs (11kg) compared to 18 lbs (8 kg). However the final results compared after 12 months showed 27 lbs (12 kg) vs 22 lbs (10 kgs).

The researches stated that participants have also managed to reduce weight loss circumference, blood pressure, insulin resistance, abdominal fat and liver fat and concluded:

“Intensive lifestyle interventions using a behavior-based approach can result in clinically significant and meaningful weight loss and improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors in severely obese persons.”

As a conclusion, both studies confirm that diet and exercise aid in weight loss! I can observe that people once counseled on how to change their lifestyle and lose weight, manage to obtain positive results and more important maintain their results. It seems that the bad habit of poor dieting can be replaced with healthy eating and dieting habits; all you need is patience and dedication. Also, I feel that I need to highlight that exercising should be introduced at the start of every weight loss diet. It will significantly boost the weight loss results!

News from: AFP.

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