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Summer – The Best Season for Weight Loss

summer weight loss
Whenever we are watching the television, or talking to friends who are also on a quest for weight loss, summer slimming is likely to be a part of the conversation. Summer weight loss seems to occur amongst even those who have difficulty in losing weight throughout the rest of the year, yet the question is; why? Why is it that people can achieve summer weight loss when winter, spring and autumn weight loss appears almost impossible?

There are, in fact, numerous reasons for this. The main reason for summer slimming, however, is that there is physically more time during the summer to undertake a weight loss regime. There is physically more daylight; the days are much longer in the summer than the rest of the year and, let’s face it, we feel much more motivated to lose weight when the sun is shining. We can come home from work at 5 and still have a good 4 hours in which to go for a jog; this is impossible in the winter months when it gets dark very early – leaving us lacking the motivation needed to get out and about.

Similarly, many people take time off in the summer to be with the kids. This is really good for initiating a summer weight loss regime as children are a great way to get into shape. They need occupying all the time which means that you are ‘forced’ to get out of the house and take them to various places. Use this to help you in your attempts at summer slimming by taking the kids out to places where you are constantly moving. Taking them to parks, for example, is a great way to lose weight; the kids run around, playing games and making you join in too! But there is no reason to restrict outings to parks; places such as museums are good too as you are walking around solidly for a good few hours without a break.

Summer weight loss is so straightforward because there are many different sporting activities that can be undertaken. You can go jogging or swimming on your own (a swim can be very refreshing during a hot summer’s day) or join a team; football teams and, more especially, cricket teams are active throughout the summer months and are a great way to meet new people and have fun as you lose weight.

However summer and weight loss are best linked when we talk about swimming or any other water activities. This is because during the summer you naturally have more swimming options. You can travel to outdoor waterparks, to nearby lakes, or to your neighbour’s swimming pool. There are at least two full months during the year when you can take a daily swim at one of the above mentioned locations. And let’s not forget about the holidays which most of the time are planned at the seaside. This is the warmest season of the year. Swim as much as you can, play with waterballs and you will strengthen all your muscles and burn lots of calories in the same time.

Even if you find it difficult to lose weight, summer slimming is within your reach!

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