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Take Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

before and after weight loss pictures
The problem that many people face when they are trying to lose weight is that they can’t see the effects. Before weight loss, people have an image of themselves in their mind but not, generally, on any specific photographs. There will, of course, be photographs of you before weight loss but the main issue that many people who are overweight have is self confidence and an incredibly poor self image and, because of this, don’t tend to wear fitting clothes. Baggy clothes give a false representation of your body image which means that even after weight loss, you don’t have any visual representation of your weight loss.

It is because of this that you should take before and after photos when you are attempting to lose weight. The physical effects of losing weight generally aren’t immediate or incredibly noticeable – they are usually very gradual which means that you can’t see the effect that your weight loss is having on you. This becomes a problem because people want to see the effect that their hard work is having on them which can lead to you giving up; if you can’t see the effects, many people don’t see a point in continuing.

For this reason, taking before and after pictures can be a fantastic way to motivate yourself. Losing weight isn’t easy so if you have something that you can look at that you can use to compare yourself to you can take pride in seeing the effects. Comparing yourself to how you were the day before is not going to keep you motivated and wanting to lose weight. If, however, you have a picture of how you looked before you started to lose weight, you can see the inches that you’ve lost around the stomach, you can see the weight you’ve lost off your neck and you can see that your dieting and exercise is actually making a real difference. This is a powerful motivator!

Even if you just want to have motivation to keep the weight off, taking before and after weight loss photos can be a massive help. You can see how you looked before you started losing and usually that is not a good picture! You can compare it with your new look and come up with a decision as to which you prefer. The sense of pride that you feel after having lost the weight is a powerful push to helping you keep it off.

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