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The Advantages of Treadmill Running for Weight Loss

Treadmill running for weight loss

Treadmill running for Weight Loss

Treadmill weight loss is a good exercise if you have access to a gym or are lucky enough to have one at home. They burn anywhere between 200 and 500+ calories and hour (depending on you and the speed you’re running at) and are great for general cardio training. Treadmills are truly one of the best fitness solutions when it comes to indoor weight loss. They provide numerous advantages both from the technical point of view as well as from the practical one. The important options that allow you to run and use an adjustable inclination rate and also adjust your speed helps you simulate running on all kind of terrain, anytime during the day or night.

Using the treadmill for weight loss provides a full-body workout. Your cardio increases dramatically, especially if you train at the right heart rate using a heart rate monitor. You also build up muscles in your legs, and reduce fat generally all over your body as fatty fuel sources are used to keep you going.

Treadmill weight loss also produces fast results. The sheer amount of calories it burns will mean that you very quickly see reduced fat generally in your body, and increased leg muscles.

When comparing treadmill for weight loss to running for weight loss, there are two things that stand out. The first is that you can watch TV whilst you’re on a treadmill; something you’d struggle to do when you’re running in the countryside! This provides a welcome distraction and makes the time pass much faster; you won’t even feel like you’re exercising when you’ve got Friends on! The second way treadmills are better than general running is because they are designed to reduce the impact on your joints. Impact damage to joints from running can be very painful but treadmill weight loss will reduce this.

If you don’t have the confidence to run in public then treadmill weight loss has this advantage too. You will find that people in a gym are much more accepting than you might initially think – they aren’t all “fitness freaks” and a lot will there with the same goal as you – to simply lose weight.

Treadmills and weight loss come into their own when you think about the weather. For instance, it might not be such a good idea to go running in the ice and snow – a slip could seriously injure you and sometimes the cold is just too cold for exercising in. It’s always the right weather on a treadmill!

Finally, you do not need to plan a jogging route with treadmills. You just jump on the machine and start running. When you are running in the open then you do need to plan a route, and remember it – you don’t want to be carrying a map around with you as you run. As a conclusion treadmill running is one of the best indoor fitness exercises that promotes weight loss. Stick to it!

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