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The Alternate Day Diet Review

The alternate day diet

The Alternate Day Diet

The Alternate Day Diet is a fascinating diet based on one solid principle; you follow a diet for one day and the next you are allowed to have a day off the diet and consume more. The diet you follow every other day however is a very strict one; you have to be prepared to significantly lower your calorie intake on that day, but you can always keep thinking ahead to tomorrow when you will be allowed to have a day off and eat more. This Alternate Day Diet is backed up by scientific theory too; the theory is that on the days that you eat less, this should be enough to switch on what is called the ‘skinny’ gene; a gene which is hypothesised to make you skinnier as a result of genetics.

When you’re on the Alternate Day Diet, each day is classed as an Up Day or a Down Day. The Up Day is the day is the day when you can eat as much as you want and the Down Day is when you are restricted. For the first two weeks of the diet you consumer only 20% of your usual calorie intake on your Down Days; this generally works out to about 500 calories. The diet recommends having meal replacement shakes on these days as it is easier to monitor how many calories you are getting per day. If you don’t fancy meal replacement shakes, you need to find other ways that will satisfy you from eating a very low number of calories.

It is possible to review some pros and cons of the Alternate Day Diet so some of the pros for following the diet are that you can eat any food you want on Up Days, it’s simply so it’s easy to follow and stick to, it gets rid of that sense of deprivation you get when you’ve been on a diet for a long time, there are studies that show links between the diet and improved asthma, metabolism and lifespan and the diet was written by professional doctors.

Of course, every diet has its cons, here we have the fact that dieters could well experience hunger and fatigue on the Down Days, the diet is not good for those with previous eating disorders and it does not encourage exercise (although some people may see this as a pro!). Weighing it up, there do appear to be more good quality pros than cons and it really does show that the Alternate Day Diet is one of the best diets out there today and worth looking into for those serious about losing weight.

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