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The Beck Weight Loss Diet Solution

Beck weight loss diet

Beck Weight Loss Diet

The Beck Diet handles nutrition and weight loss from an unusual perspective. The secret of the Beck weight loss program is mind training. According to Judith Beck, the doctor that introduced this diet, thinking is the most important factor when it comes to following a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Beck diet, presented in “The Beck Diet Solution” book, pledges for combining fresh and healthy food with physical activity, using mind control.

The Beck Diet trains your mind for weight loss and teaches you how to think like a slim person. If you choose to follow it, you have to throw away all the unhealthy food from your fridge and replace it with fruits, vegetables and low fat meat. You also need to perform at least 3 hours of physical activity per week and of course, follow the essential steps and tips of the Beck Diet program. Now, let’s check some of the tips provided by Doctor Judith Beck.

Beck Diet Weight Loss Tips
1. Quit lying to yourself!
It’s a fact that every time when overweight people are feeling stressed out, are enthusiastic or even depressed, they find an excuse for eating large portion meals or to many sweets. They end up telling themselves “I am eating excess food only this time because I am feeling good/bad/happy/unhappy and I will continue my diet tomorrow.” The Beck Diet weight loss program urges you to stop lying to yourself and quit this bad habit. If you cheat your diet once you will surly do it the second time, so it’s best to draw the line and stop such escapades before they become a habit.

2. Learn the difference between lust and hunger!
Appetite can occur even when you are feeling full. Sometimes, you might feel the need to eat a particular aliment, usually some sweets or something high caloric like pizzas or hamburgers. However you should now that actual hunger appears only 4 hours after a normal meal. The Beck Diet teaches you how to make the difference between lust and hunger and urges you to eat only when you feel hungry and not when you feel the lust.

3. Be organized!
The Beck Diet program teaches you to plan your menu at least one day ahead. This way you will know exactly what you’ll eat in the following day. Be organized and always build a grocery list when you go shopping. You should also plan your workout, one week ahead, and stick with your routine. Ignore subjective factors like ‘lack of mood’ or the tendency to postpone your physical exercises from one day to the other.

4. Learn when to stop eating!
Dr. Judith Beck proves, in her book, that overweight people eat more than needed in order to feel full. On the other hand, people without a weight problem, know to stop when the hunger sensation has disappeared and they avoid overeating. Whether you eat at home or at a restaurant you need to learn how to control yourself. Stop eating when your hunger sensation has disappeared. Learn to leave food in your plate if the portion is to large or if you feel full before you complete the entire meal.

5. Think about motivation and consequence!
The Beck Diet program has a few questions for you. You have to be able to provide the answers after you meditate and discover what motivates you to lose weight and what positive impact, a weight loss process would have on your life.
Why do you want to lose weight?
What motivates you to continue your diet, no matter what culinary cravings, family reunions or parties you need to attend to?
What are the consequences of drifting away from a healthy diet and excess eating?
What are the positive consequences of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle?

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