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The Best Organic Foods For Weight Loss

organic food shop

Organic food shop.

Most of us spend an inordinate amount each day worrying about our weight. We would all love to take some sort of (non chemical) diet pill that works and just melts the fat away overnight. There are also more and more of us who are concerned about the environment and are interested in responsible farming, fair trade and healthy produce and who hence want to eat organic food. Luckily for those of us, organic food can actually help us to lose weight faster. Let’s review!

What Is Organic Food?
Organic foods are produced in such a way that they do not use any synthetic products. In other words, they do have not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They have also not been genetically modified to be more vibrant in color, bigger or plumper. Furthermore, processing organic food means that no irradiation has been used, nor have chemical food additives or chemical solvents.

How Can Organic Food Help Us to Lose Weight?
Scientific research has demonstrated that organic food is not only healthier and safer to consume, it also has a lot more taste and nutritional value. It immediately becomes clear why you can lose weight with organic food. If something you eat has higher nutritional value, you will feel fuller and it will also enable you to gain more nutrients from each portion you eat.

The official guidelines state that any person should eat at least five portions of different fruits and/or vegetables each day. However, since there is still an increase in non organic food being purchased – after all, it is usually cheaper – this number is now going up to seven. With organic food, however, you can stick to five or even less should you so choose.

If you want to lose weight, the key is not in cutting out fat from your diet. It is about eating products that are healthy and nutritious. A simple example to illustrate this is that people who cut fat from their diet often have bad skin and cracked finger nails. Fats are needed by our bodies. But, due to the benefits of organic foods, we will feel fuller quicker and hence eat less junk food that is high in bad fats and bad cholesterol.

There are many other organic food benefits besides helping you to lose weight. You will feel better within yourself and the natural processes in your body will work better because you consume healthy foods. Furthermore, you are making a contribution to our planet by sourcing food from responsible farmers. This is known as the Green Revolution.

An Organic Food Diet Plan
When it comes to organic food for weight loss, it is easiest to say that any organic food will help you lose weight. Providing you with an organic food list would be near enough impossible because it would be so big. Hence, I will give you some organic food examples that you can implement for your breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.
• For breakfast, why not try granolas, trail mixes or hot oats? Alternatively, you could try different cold cereals organically farmed. Naturally, no breakfast is complete without a cup of coffee, and there are a number of different coffee brands that are from organic roasts.
• For lunch, you could have a range of organic jams and spreads, perhaps with biscuits or breads.
• For dinner, you could have organic meat, cooked in an organic oil, with an organic salad in an organic dressing. And don’t forget your organic desert of course!

It is very easy to plan a meal fully made from organic food and you will feel better for it in no time whatsoever.

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