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The Biggest Loser Diet Review

Biggest Loser Diet Participant

Biggest Loser Diet Participant

Have you ever seen The Biggest Loser on NBC? If you have you’ve probably wondered how you can go about following a diet plan that is the same as the one followed by those on the TV show. Well now you can – the Biggest Loser Diet is a “proper” diet plan that combines healthy eating with exercise to help people shed the pounds. There’s no fasting involved, no specific shake that you have to eat at every meal and no foods that you absolutely have to cut out. The Biggest Loser Diet can be easily followed by anyone who is motivated to shed the pounds for good.

How Does The Biggest Loser Diet Plan Work?
The Biggest Loser Diet plan includes three main principles which are:
» Increasing physical activity.
» Monitoring food intake.
» Addressing the psychological side of weight loss.

There is a Biggest Loser Diet book as well as numerous websites and forums where people following the diet together can spur each other on and motivate each other to continue. The Biggest Loser Diet book teaches people about the importance of healthy eating as well as how to control portion sizes. It also contains a variety of tips and tricks that were given to the contestants on the NBC TV show.

Meals are regularly scheduled on the Biggest Loser Diet so that participants know when they will be able to eat and to help avoid feelings of hunger. The calorie level for the diet also depends on your beginning weight with a 300 pound person being recommended to eat 2100 calories and a 150 pound person being recommend 1500 calories. This is then adjusted as the weight is lost or exercise is increased. Once down to their recommended weight participants are also taught about weight maintenance.

The Biggest Loser Diet Food
The Biggest Loser Diet plan centres around the notion of ‘eat to lose’. This basically means that by taking in less calories than you burn off every day you will see the pounds drop off. The main Biggest Loser Diet food is anything that has reduced fat yet is calorie controlled and carbohydrate modified. This includes things like lean protein and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. This type of food is known to be full of energy and so you can continue an exercise program and not feel overly tired.

The Biggest Loser Diet also follows the 4, 3, 2, 1 principle which basically is:
» 4 servings of fruit and veg.
» 3 servings of lean protein or low fat dairy products.
» 2 servings of whole grain.
» 1 serving of fat, alcohol, sweets – this can be anything of your choice but most not exceed 200 calories.

Should you wish to purchase the Biggest Loser Diet book you will find a range of recipes that are perfect for the diet.

The Success Rate
Unfortunately the success rate of the Biggest Loser Diet is not as high as you would imagine especially when you compare it to the success rate of the contestants of the show. This is primarily because the diet works on an extremely reduced calorie intake and without a professional spurring you on to continue, it is very easy to switch to a diet that is less stringent. Many medical professionals have also questioned the diet and some have outwardly said that it is unhealthy due to the low calories that are eaten daily.

The success rate with the contestants on the show is quite good with 40 out of 53 contestants managing to keep off the weight that they lost. However there is doubt as to whether the statistics would be the same if non-contestants were analyzed. Whilst the theory behind the Biggest Loser Diet is good, it is extremely hard to follow in real life.

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