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The Blood Type Diet Explained

The Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet has grown in popularity recently due to the publication of the book ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ by Peter D’Adamo. The diet plan works by suggesting which foods you should eat depending on your blood group. He claims that eating certain foods depending on what your blood group is will not only bring about weight loss benefits, but also should help with allergies, immune system and general health.

First you need to know your blood type. Once you know this, you should read up about your blood group in the diet book. Most of the population has blood type O, and for this the book recommends a diet low in carbs, high in protein and low in dairy. There are also specific foods to avoid (as there is with every blood group) and people with type O blood should engage in lots of exercise. For blood type A, you should avoid red meat, eat lots of vegetables and fish and keep your dairy products low; only light exercise is allowed. Next, blood type B should avoid chicken and bacon, but should eat lots of other types of meat, lots of dairy, a bit of fish and lots of fruit and vegetables. If your blood type is AB then the blood type diet recommends you mix the blood type A and blood type B diets.

Advantages of this diet include the fact that it is built on scientific ideas, even if there is currently little evidence about the diet’s effectiveness since it is relatively new. However, no matter which blood group you are, each diet plan contains a healthy balance of nutrients that will help anyone with their weight loss goals. Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant are also said to have taken the diet and benefited from it by losing significant amounts of weight.

However, Dr. Besser from ABCNews has been looking into the claims and hasn’t managed to find any evidence to suggest that there actually is a link between your blood type and the foods you should be eating. He also points out that if each member of your family has a different blood type that is multiple meals that need making for every eating slot – a lot of work. The doctors featured that the blood type diet will help you lose weight, but not any better than any other diet plan.

When it comes to diets you need to make up your own mind on which one is best for you and for your weight loss goals. If the blood type diet sounds like something you could follow then it is worth a try.

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