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The Importance of Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

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The hardest part about losing weight is knowing when to stop. The main problem is that we all want to be like the magazine models so set weight loss goals that we just can’t achieve. The result – we feel demoralized that we are unable to reach our target weight goal so give up trying. Months of hard work can be ruined because we fail to set a realistic weight loss goal. So why is it important to set a realistic weight loss goal?

The answer is relatively straightforward. Would we, for example, set a target to become the manager of the company we work for within three months of joining? Of course we wouldn’t; it’d be completely unreasonable and would not work. So why must we insist on being completely unrealistic when setting our weight loss goals? No matter how hard you try, you will find that the weight loss goal remains out of reach. This has two main effects on us.

For a start, it gets us incredibly unhappy and even angry. We think that it is completely unfair and can even begin to resent our thinner friends for finding it so easy. We start comparing ourselves to the supermodels of the world and hate our bodies even more than before we started losing weight. This is not right. The reason we set a weight loss goal is, of course, to lose weight, but also to ensure that we reach a weight that makes us comfortable with whom we are. By setting a realistic weight loss goal, we allow ourselves to reach our target weight. We no longer hate ourselves or others and we stop comparing because we feel a sense of pride and achievement in reaching our goal and this, in turn, makes us feel much more comfortable about the weight we are.

Secondly, if we set weight loss goals that are simply unattainable, we are much more likely to just give up. The most difficult part about losing weight is finding the motivation to do it, because all the food we aren’t allowed tastes so good! Must we make the job twice as hard by setting ourselves a weight loss goal that we will never be able to reach? We spend months losing the weight, whether it is 1 stone, 2 stones or 10 stones, yet we lose motivation because we are still out of our target – completely ignoring the fact that we have lost loads of weight! We give up and put it all back on again. Set a realistic weight loss goal and the motivation stays there. We glorify in every pound we lose because it takes us ever closer to our goal and the sense of achievement when we reach the target makes it all worthwhile and makes you want to keep the weight off.

Losing weight is hard, and there are thousands who struggle with it every day. Yet, we can make it so much easier by being realistic when setting our goals.

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  • Pedro March 3, 2010, 12:29 pm

    That’s right. I agree ;)

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