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The Macrobiotic Diet Basics

Macrobiotic diet foods

Macrobiotic Diet Foods

When you hear the words ‘macrobiotic diet’ you instantly come to think of little pots of ‘friendly’ bacteria that you should drink daily. Instead, the macrobiotic diet consists of you eating grains as a staple food and then adding to this by eating other natural foodstuffs, such as beans and vegetables. The idea is to avoid anything that might be seen as remotely ‘unnatural’ or processed in your diet.

A macrobiotic diet plan can be found as early as the late 18th Century. It is generally believed that a diet made up of these healthy and natural products will give you increased levels of health, well-being and happiness. It is generally seen to have come from an Asian origin, most likely Japanese but perhaps also Chinese.

If you’re trying to lose weight with macrobiotic dieting then you should aim to consume well-chewed whole grains for 40-60% of your diet, vegetables for 25-30%, beans or legumes 5-10%, and then fill the remaining diet up with naturally processed foods. Fish, seeds, fruits and beverages can only be enjoyed twice a week, but you can have other natural animal products if you feel they would aid your dieting.

Because people following a traditional macrobiotic diet would have been at the will of the seasons as to what to eat, you should try and follow a similar routine. This means in spring and summer eating lighter foods that you cook for a short time and include lots of fresh and raw vegetables. However, in the autumn and winter months you should get more root vegetables, and cook them for longer – aim for anything that has a really strong flavour to it.

A lot of dieticians have been saying that the macrobiotic diet plan can help prevent some cancers, but unfortunately there has been no medical evidence to back this up just yet. Another criticism is that people following macrobiotic diets without doing it by the book may struggle to get enough of the important nutrients into their diets. You should therefore seek proper advice when constructing your macrobiotic diet plan.

The macrobiotic weight loss diet is a good diet to follow because of the roots it has firmly set in the natural food arena. However, if you aren’t sure this diet is quite right for you there are lots of similar diets available using natural foods, such as the caveman diet.

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