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The Nutrisystem Diet Review

The Nutrisystem Diet Food

The Nutrisystem Diet Food

The Nutrisystem diet is an adaptation of diets based on the Glycemic Index (GI), and includes eating 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Each Nutrisystem diet cycle lasts 28 days.

The Nutrisystem weight loss diet requires you to order meals off the Nutrisystem website which has options for men, women, and vegans. You can also specify further restrictions and design your own course of meals based on your needs through the website. One of the most interesting parts of the plan is that there is a specific “Nutrisystem for men” diet plan. This is something a lot of diet plans fail to offer as they all too often cater for just the female population. The Nutrisystem for diabetics plan further allows for the inclusion of diabetics in its plans by basing their diabetic diets on a number of studies into weight loss for diabetics.

If you’re following the Nutrisystem weight loss programme, you will have the choice of around 150 online meals every day, which mixes together low GI carbohydrates with low fat snacks and other foods. For breakfast you can expect to be eating anything from basic cereals, to sweet muffins, to various egg-based dishes. For snacks there is a vast array of chocolates, chips, and desserts. And for mains there is an incredible variety of choice.

Does Nutrisystem work though? The answer is yes in the short term and no in the long term. If you stick to the diet properly it will work in the short term as you’re restricting your calorie intake and therefore you are bound to lose weight. However, in the long run you probably won’t be able to afford to eat Nutrisystem foods every day for many years and you’ll have to swap back to home-cooked food for the long term. This part of the diet requires willpower as you will have to restrict your eating long term without the aid of the diet. If you can do this then the Nutrisystem diet should be very effective.

The Nutrisystem diet isn’t without its criticisms however as there have been complaints over the taste of the food and over substitution in busy periods. With any pre-packaged diet, you are bound to find that the tastes are very similar across the dishes, so you have to decide whether this is something you are willing to put up with. There are also comments that in busy periods, some foods have been substituted from what you ordered, but these reports can’t be verified.

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