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The Onion Weight Loss Soup Recipe

onion soup for weight loss

Onion Soup for Weight Loss

Here at WeightLossBucket.com you may have noticed we really love soup. We bombard you with weight loss soup recipes because we genuinely believe that soup is a great food to help you lose weight. It fills you up, it’s nutritious and it’s low in calories. Everyone can find a flavour of soup they like too. This article concentrates on onion soup for weight loss so, naturally, we’ll tell you how to make our recommended onion soup!

Onion soup is one of the oldest and most traditional soups out there so there are plenty of recipes from English onion soup to French onion soup and Lipton onion soup. The best recipe for weight loss is a variation of French onion soup. French onion soup traditionally contains cheese, but this can be replaced with lentils to improve the weight loss properties.

Onion Soup Ingredients
250g Onions
1/3 TBSP Olive Oil
500ml Vegetable or Beef Stock
1 Bay Leaf
1.5 fl. oz Green Lentils
Parsley and Thyme to taste

Onion Soup Method
First, peel the onions then cut each one in half and thinly slice them. Also wash through the lentils and get rid of any impurities. Heat the oil in a fairly large pot and add in the onions. When the onions are in and the oil is hot, lower the heat so as not to burn the onions.

Now add in the stock, thyme and bay leaf. Let the ingredients boil by covering the pan with a lid. Add in the lentils and allow these to boil too.

Cook all these ingredients for about 40 minutes on a low heat with the lid covering them to soften it all up. Once all the vegetables are soft you are ready to serve the soup, just sprinkle with parsley to finish the dish off.

Enjoy this onion weight loss soup as often as you like. It’s usually recommended to change your soup every 3 or 4 days. Don’t worry there are plenty of other soups which fit in a weight loss diet: sorrel soup, lettuce soup, vegetable soup, tomato soup and many others!

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  • Ichos September 3, 2011, 10:38 am

    Soup is an incredible food as described above and this recipe looks delicious. Check out the ingredients – few and simple!

    It’s also part of many other methods including the new Odysi Zero weight loss method. Although I must admit, soups have long been used in scam diets (who remembers the cabbage soup diet or whatever it was called?)

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