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The Relationship between Mind and Body

mind and body relationship
Many people sneer at the idea of a relationship between mind and body. They feel that it is merely psychological studies for which they have contempt for not being ‘proper’ methods of weight loss. The thing is that this is simply not the case; the relationship between mind and body is something that has been deliberated over by philosophers such as Descartes for centuries.

The idea that mind and body are separate entities, yet affect one another is a belief in interactionism; that is that the mind can influence the body and help you to lose weight. In the same way that there is evidence of mind and body healing, there is also evidence that the power of mind over body does, in fact, not only help with weight loss but also make you lose weight. There are various ways in which this happens and each of them is an accredited way of losing weight.

How can your mind affect your weight loss attempt?
Broadly speaking, there are two ways in which your mind can affect your weight loss.

Positive Motivation
The first is relatively straightforward. Your mind is a powerful tool when it comes to staying motivated and remaining positive about losing weight. The ability to make yourself believe that you are succeeding and not get disheartened when something goes wrong is one which must not be underestimated; to be able to take pleasure in even the smallest amount of weight loss is something that will keep you motivated in times of hardship.

The second way is much less obvious. Your body responds to the way that your mind is thinking with a physical response. When we feel sad, we cry and when we feel happy, we laugh. This is a natural and physical response of the body to the emotions of the mind. In the same way, when we feel full, we stop eating. If we can make our minds think that we are full, then we feel the natural response to stop eating and therefore we lose weight. This is a very important technique that can be achieved through various techniques such as meditation.

One thing is sure, the ability to lose weight due to the relationship between mind and body is one of the most underrated, yet effective ways of losing weight. It is just a matter of throwing yourself into it and having faith in the ability of your mind to help you to lose weight.

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