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The Six Week OMG Diet Review

celebrities promoting the six week OMG diet

Celebrities promoting the six week omg diet.

Venice A Fulton is a well-known producer of gimmicky diets. His latest diet, tied in perfectly with the last summer holiday, is the six week OMG diet. The diet is designed to help you quickly shift those extra pounds so you can get into your bikini. Fulton is actually Paul Khanna, who is a celebrity personal trainer. This gives him credibility, which is shown in the fact that he has made millions with his OMG diet in America. He says that you can reduce cellulite and 20lb of body fat. At a price, of course.

How the Diet Works
During the OMG diet plan, you must start the day with a load of exercise. First, however, you must have a cup of black coffee. You must also do this before you eat any type of food, as it is believed the black coffee kick starts your metabolism. After your exercise, you must not eat anything for three hours, forcing your body to burn fat reserves. Then, you have to sit in a cold bath, so that your body burns even more fat in trying to keep warm.

In terms of eating, fruits are totally off the menu. You are able to have some carbohydrates, but not too many. Lastly, you can have a lot of protein.

Eating Disorders?
Nutritionists and psychologists have stated the OMG diet is incredibly dangerous and could even lead to eating disorders. Indeed, the diet delivers what it promises, but at what cost? Those who have followed it say that they do exactly what the diet tells them to do: anybody who criticises the diet should be told they are jealous. Users say it is hard, particularly the cold bath, but it allows you to really get your mind set into a diet.

OMG Diet Review by Nutritionists
A nutritionist has recommended that nobody should follow the OMG diet. Firstly, exercising as soon as you get up without having anything to eat is potentially dangerous. This can lead you to feel dizzy and weak and can be very dangerous. Your body will feel faint, because it hasn’t received any fuel. This is very detrimental for your health. The treatment itself is designed to burn fat, but the risks to your health do not outweigh these benefits. Nutritionists recommend that you need to eat two hours before you have any exercise and to stick to a well-balanced diet instead. There are also some very worrying details in the book, including saying that broccoli is as unhealthy as coca cola. It encourages people not to eat vegetables or fruits, which means they lose out on essential minerals and vitamins. This could lead to all sorts of different problems.

OMG Diet Review by Psychologists
According to psychologists, this diet is very difficult to discredit, because it does work. People lose weight very quickly and the OMG diet efficiency is high. However, all fad diets do this if you follow them to the letter. The problem is that the weight you lose doesn’t stay off. Whilst following all these unhealthy diet, you change your body’s metabolism, which means that after your diet, you will put more weight on than you initially lost. The OMG diet, as stated by psychologists, is not just risky but also incredibly stupid.

It seems that Fulton is simply trying to speak to a particular culture. Younger women will be attracted by this latest fad. Psychologists fear that in a few months or years, they will be picking up the real results of the OMG diet: a horde of women with eating disorders. This diet is very likely to spark cravings, and anybody who is a vulnerable dieter will feel guilty if they ever cave in to the cravings. This can lead to a spiral of self-hate, even disturbing the relationship they have with food.

Besides the psychological aspect of extreme diets, there is also the issue around the coffee. Coffee strips nutrients from the thyroid gland and hormones. As such, the immune system can be affected, which will cause the body to be a complete mess. People with eating patterns that are disruptive or chaotic are known to have liver damage, or even liver cancer. Clearly, this diet should be totally avoided. Is OMG diet healthy? Absolutely not. In fact, the OMG diet can be incredibly damaging, to the point of being fatal in the long run.

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