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The Updated CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

CSIRO diet

The CSIRO Diet

The CSIRO total wellbeing diet which took the world by storm some years ago has recently undergone a complete overhaul. This low fat, high protein diet is a modest-carbohydrate weight loss program for people who wish to stave off the long-term complications associated with being overweight. It is very highly structured and offers a very nutritionally balanced approach to not only shed pounds but keep them off forever. The CSIRO total wellbeing diet represents more than just a diet. It represents a complete overhaul in how a person thinks about food and interacts with the food in their daily diet. It becomes a lifestyle change which is easy to adhere to over the long term which is what makes it easy to maintain.

The updated CSIRO total well-being diet book contains over 800 recipes which are very easy to prepare. Shopping lists are also provided for the dieter’s ease of use.

The CSIRO diet was originally developed by researchers at The Commonwealth located in Australia. The updated CSIRO diet plan is contained in a new book which also contains significant information about recommended exercises. Dieting alone will never be sufficient to enable most people to lose weight. It has been scientifically proven that combining a weight loss diet with daily vigorous exercise is the fastest way to lose weight.

Following the CSIRO diet plan can help people who are plagued with diseases such as Type II diabetes which is linked to obesity, regain optimal glucose levels and thus reduce the risks of developing complications from diabetes as they age. Diabetes is the most common disease afflicting overweight people around the globe today. Following the updated CSIRO diet plan can help a person regain control over their health. It will also help people who are struggling with heart disease as this diet is based on a low-fat model.

The makers of the CSIRO diet plan advise people who wish to follow it to consume as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible each day. They advise people to “shop the perimeter” of their grocery store because that is where the freshest items are found. People who wish to follow this diet plan are urged to avoid processed foods and fast food.

People who have been able to follow the CSIRO diet plan have reported weight losses of up to 16 kg in a few month’s time. What’s more important, though, is that they are able to maintain their weight loss over extended periods of time. This avoids the yo-yo diet phenomenon which is so damaging to a person’s health. People who are chronic yo-yo dieters often find that they will regain the weight they have lost and often will gain back even more. This completely reverses any benefits they may have derived from losing the weight in the first place.

The developers of this diet plan recognise that portion size is extremely important when it comes to weight loss. That being said, though, people who are on this diet are not required to weigh or measure food in order to control portion size as is so often the case with other diets.
People have reported tremendous success with the CSIRO diet and there is no reason to believe that you won’t be able to continue to melt those love handles with the updated diet plan.

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