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Thermal Dieting – The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

The Thermal Weight Loss Diet

The Thermal Weight Loss Diet

Cold seems to be the ultimate weight loss secret! According to Timothy Ferriss, the author of the ‘The 4-Hour Body’ book, humans burn at least 50% more calories when exposed to cold. ‘The body wants to maintain a balance a homeostasis…so if you make it cold, it will do everything that it can to return to its normal temperature’, says Ferriss. We all know that our ideal body temperature ranges within the 98.6° Fahrenheit (36.9 ° Celsius) mark. The exposure to a cold environment will cool us down and our body will work overtime to raise its internal temperature back to normal levels.

The Thermal Diet is backed by scientific proof. Ray Cronise a former NASA scientist confirms that studies have shown that people living in environments as mild as 98.6° Fahrenheit (15.5 ° Celsius) recorded a 20% boost of metabolism rate. Cronise himself is a ‘Thermal Dieting’ follower. After he saw himself struggling to lose weight with diet and exercise, he decided to add a thermal element to his routine. Ray managed to triple his weight loss results, using cold as his main ally. He lost 30 pounds within 6 weeks.

How does the Thermal Dieting work?
The principle behind the thermal diet is simple. Heat equals calories. According to the principle of thermodynamics, energy has to be consumed in order to produce heat. The human body ends up working overtime and it will start burning fat, in order to obtain the much needed energy. The BAT fat is burned during thermal dieting. Brown adipose tissue, or BAT-fat, is used by the human body to produce heat, and this is the fat that will melt down during cold exposure.

Best Thermal Dieting Tips
Turning down the thermostat1. Turn Down the Thermostat
By turning down your thermostat, with a few degrees, you will begin to expose your body to colder temperatures, thus forcing it to work harder in order to keep your internal temperature at normal levels. This tip has to be one of the first changes that you need to make if you want to start thermal dieting. Do not wear extra clothing, when you turn your thermostat down (for a couple of hours), because you won’t obtain any results if you keep your body warm without forcing it to work in order to remain warm.

ice water2. Drink Ice Water
This is a great thermal weight loss tip. When you drink ice water your body has to burn extra calories in order to warm the water up to your normal body temperature. Studies have shown that 17 oz (500 ml) of ice water can burn up to 20 extra calories. Using this thermal dieting tip at least once per day will help you burn around 150 calories per week just from drinking ice water. Obviously, you need to combine these thermal diet tips in order to obtain important results. Good luck!

Cold walking3. Perform Cold Walks
This thermal dieting tip ups the ante. Perform ideal cold walks and boost your weight loss! You have to wear brief clothing:
– shorts and t-shirt
– shoes with thick socks
– scarf, gloves and winter hat
For starters avoid to stay exposed to cold longer than 7 minutes. Gradually lengthen the exposure if your endurance increases. Be careful not to cause more harm than good to your body!

Ice bath4. Ice Baths
This is an extreme thermal dieting tip. Performing ice baths for weight loss is not easy, but certainly very efficient. In water, our bodies get cold as fast as possible. The loss of heat is extreme and the body has to work the hardest in order to keep itself warm. You can test your endurance with cold water baths and if you feel capable raise the stake to ice water baths. Begin with staying in ice water for only a few minutes and increase the exposure if possible. Do enhance the efficiency perform ice baths in series. Try 3 series of 5 minutes each with 10 minutes of recovery time in between.

Thermal dieting before and after weight loss pictures
Ray Cronise accomplished 30 pounds weight loss combining thermal dieting with exercise and diet. He underlines the importance of combining thermal dieting with the other conventional weight loss tips. Cold acts as a weight loss booster!

Thermal dieting weight loss pics

Thermal dieting weight loss pics

Thermal dieting weight loss video

Thermal Diet Interview

Important Thermal Dieting Tip: Do not try this new weight loss method if you have any kind of health problems. Consult your therapist before trying thermal dieting!

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