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Things to Know about Emotional Weight Loss

woman emotional weight loss

Woman emotional weight loss.

We all know that weight and emotions go hand in hand. Only those that have spent the last twenty years living under a rock haven’t heard of comfort eating. We know that people who are depressed, unhappy, stressed out or experience any other type of strong emotion have a tendency to overeat. However, the opposite is equally true.

Losing Weight through Emotions
It is equally common for people to lose weight due to their emotions, rather than overeat. If you have just gone through a massive breakup, perhaps losing your partner of many years, or if you go through a period of grief or if you lose your job, it is not unheard of for people to suddenly start losing weight. So how does this work?

The Psychology behind Emotional Weight Loss
If you notice someone is losing weight after an upset, you are likely to ask them whether they are eating at all. More likely than not, they will tell you that they are. You may even witness them eating in the same way as they did before. However, you are not with them around the clock, and what you are not seeing is that they actually only eat when they know they are being watched. Upsets and weight loss go hand in hand, because people are inclined to simply sit and ponder over their problems, their heartache or whatever else is bothering them.

Relationship weight loss is almost as common as relationship weight gain. People, quite simply, stop eating. But they know that others are already worried about their state of mind, so they will make sure to make a big show of eating whenever they are in public. Emotional weight loss isn’t an eating disorder, it is simply a case of only eating when you know you are being watched because you don’t want to worry other people and because you want to be left alone.

Is Emotional Weight Loss Healthy?
It sounds almost like a welcome benefit of emotional upsets, doesn’t it? However, losing weight after an upset is not healthy at all. Often, the weight loss is very rapid, which can lead to a host of problems, including permanently sagging skin. Besides this, the weight loss is achieved by starving the body of essential nutrients. Furthermore, because people who are going through this process often only eat when they know they have to because others are paying attention, they often overeat at these periods, distending their stomach. This can lead to significant discomfort, including heartburn.

The biggest problem, however, is that this type of weight loss is a sure fire way to experience the yoyo effect, unless you are incredibly strong of mind. After an upset, new happiness will eventually follow, at which point you will start eating as normal again. Rapid weight gain tends to follow after this. It is equally possible that emotional weight loss turns into emotional weight gain. Once people start eating again properly, they will remember just how good food makes them feel and it becomes all too easy to grab for that cake or an extra slice of pizza.

So, as wonderful as it may sound to lose weight rapidly, please don’t go and upset yourself in the hope that you will start losing weight. It can just as easily backfire and even if it doesn’t, you are losing weight in a very unhealthy manner.

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