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Think Positive and Lose Weight

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If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. That is the motto that so many people live their lives by yet when it comes to weight loss we seem to forget it. We seem to think that losing weight is so easy and have been brainwashed to believe it’s possible to shed those pounds just by drinking a milkshake or going for a jog once a month. We feel that we are doing enough to lose weight yet the scales tell us otherwise. This is no surprise, but we don’t want to eat more healthy food, or go jogging every morning because it seems like too much hard work. And anyway, nothing we do ever makes us lose weight so why bother trying.

This is an idea that we must snap ourselves out of quickly. Whenever you hear people telling you that it is easy to lose weight, they’re either incredibly lucky or they’re lying – and believe me, there aren’t many people with a four leafed clover! Of course it’s difficult to lose weight just like it’s difficult to achieve anything in this life. Was Cristiano Ronaldo just born as a talented footballer or Jimi Hendrix always an expert guitarist? Of course not, it’s something that took a lot of time and effort to achieve. It is the same with weight loss; it’s not going to happen overnight.

We need to remember that everything we want needs a lot of hard work before we can achieve it. This is where we need to remain positive. You go jogging for a few mornings and then stand on the scales and see that you’ve only lost a few pounds. It is so easy to look at this and feel disheartened but don’t! This is a few pounds less than you weighed at the start of the week. This means that you are losing weight. No matter how insignificant it seems to you at first, you know that in the long term the benefits will far outweigh the brief discomfort you feel after forgetting to warm down! The way we think is very important – you haven’t lost 7lbs, you’ve lost half a stone! How great does that sound, you’ve lost half of that elusive stone in a few measly weeks!

The best part is that after a few weeks of making yourself think in this manner, you will be naturally positive. You’ll see every pound as an achievement and every jog brings you closer to being comfortable with yourself. Then, when the inevitable happens and you put on some weight one week, you won’t give up as you would have done just a few weeks earlier. Water off a duck’s back – you won’t feel affected by it, just resolve to make sure you put it right next week; everyone has a blip, no big deal!

Losing weight isn’t easy, but thinking positively turns a mountain into a molehill.

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