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Tomato Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

tomato smoothie

Tomato Weight Loss Smoothie

Preparation Time: 20 Min | Cooking Time: 10 Min | Served within: 30 Min | Servings: 4

The Tomato smoothie is a great choice if you are on a diet. A smoothie is a stylish modern beverage. It is served cold. Tomatoes have great antioxidant properties. This helps in preventing cancer and flushing the free radicals away from your body.
Tomato smoothies will both refresh you and ensure that you do not consume to many calories in the same time. If you want to lose weight and manage it with style you certainly have to include weight loss smoothies in your diet.

Tomato smoothies as any other smoothie are best if prepared at home. This way you or your friends can mix optimal diet smoothies with the proper amount of ingredients. You will be sure that you are using the actual vegetables and keep the beverage 100% natural. Many pubs prefer to use tomato puree obtained from powders, sacrifice the quality, in order to increase their profits.

The following tomato smoothie recipe is natural, easy to prepare and perfect for someone on a diet. Make sure that you have exactly the same ingredients and mind the below presented method. The preparation time for this beverage is 20 minutes, while the actual actual cooking time is 10 minutes. This means that you and your family can taste a tomato diet smoothie in half an hour.

Tomato Smoothie RecipeIngredients
– 5 tomatoes (chopped)
– 1 stack of celery (chopped)
– 1 medium sized carrot (chopped)
– 10 ice cubes
– 1 teaspoon of black pepper
– 5 teaspoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice
– salt (to taste)

Tomato Smoothie RecipeMethod
1. First you need to freeze the chopped tomatoes. Keep them in the freezer for 20 minutes. When you prepare the ingredients you can start with the tomatoes. Chop them and add them in to the freezer while you continue to prepare the remaining ingredients.

2. Get all the frozen tomatoes, add them into your blender and blend.

3. It’s time to add the celery, the pepper and a little salt. Continue blending.

4. Add all ice cubes, the lemon juice and continue blending until the entire mixture becomes smooth, like a smoothie.

5. Serve your fresh tomato smoothie in a glass. Use nice deep glasses with straws for optimal effect!

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