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Top 10 Christmas Gifts that Aid Weight Loss

Christmas weight loss gifts

Christmas weight loss gifts

Christmas is coming! There’s less than a month to go to it this year and people are inevitably thinking about which presents to buy people. If someone is considering weight loss then you might want to help them along by buying them a nice weight loss gift. But, make sure you know the person well enough and that they won’t get offended at all by you buying them such a gift. The good thing about the gift ideas here is that there are plenty to chose from. Most of them are actually quite cheap too, but you can also find expensive weight loss gifts for Christmas if you have a special person in your life!

Top 10 Christmas Weight Loss Gifts
Weight Loss Book – One good, generic idea for those trying to lose weight at Christmas is to buy them a book about weight loss. A good one would be a big book packed full of general weight loss tips, or something that will introduce them to weight loss. If you know they’re trying to follow a specific diet you can buy them a book that will help them along, but don’t buy them the official book for the diet as the likelihood is they’ll already have it.

Motivational Merchandise – Anything with some motivational quotes or phrases on are good as they will help the recipient lose weight. Perhaps get them a coaster or something to hang up that will help them think about why they’re losing weight. Finding the willpower and motivation is one of the hardest things to do when you’re trying to lose weight and so this will make a good gift for them.

Weight Loss Spa Treatments – If you really want to spoil the person you’re buying for this year then gift vouchers for some weight loss spa treatments or even a full course in a weight loss spa or boot camp would be a wonderful idea. That gift would really help the person lose weight fast and should hopefully be eternally grateful to you for the idea. You should choose the sort of place you’re buying a course in depending on what the person is into. For example, spas are more relaxing places where boot camps are much more hardcore in terms of weight loss regimes. Judge the type of person you’re buying for and buy accordingly.

iPod Loaded with Fitness Music – One really unorthodox idea for weight loss Christmas presents is to buy the person an iPod all loaded up with really good fitness tracks. If you are into fitness yourself you can get all the really good ones you like, put them on a £50 iPod shuffle and you’ve got yourself a really good, thoughtful and personalised present.

Video game console – This is another great Christmas gift for someone seeking weight loss and for his or hers entire family. With the newest generation of video game consoles, which involve motion control, available now on the market, you can both have fun and exercise in the same time. Video game consoles like Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 you have plenty to chose from. Prices range from £160 to £400.

Small Weights – This idea applies particularly to the females. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t have any weights and isn’t particularly into fitness training, just some small weights of perhaps 1kg each to hold in your hand whilst going out jogging or doing similar exercises is a good present idea and you’ll be playing an active role in helping that person lose weight!

Fitness equipment – If you’re looking for a more important (expensive) gift, go for some fitness device. Everyone can achieve weight loss through fitness, no matter what diet they are following. You can purchase a treadmill (going into 4 figures) if you’re on a high budget, an exercise bike (costing up to mid 3 figures) or an ab strengthening device (which can be as cheap as mid 2 figures). The best thing about this Christmas weight loss gift is that it can improve the fitness level of an entire family!

Healthy Cooking Appliances – Buying them something that will help them eat healthier, such as a special grilling machine or a vegetable steamer, will always come in handy. These products should actively help them lose weight and produce nice food all the time.

Weight Loss Snacks – If you do know what diet is being followed by the person you’re buying for then you can try and buy them some snacks that will fit in with the diet. However, if they’re just generally trying to lose weight then try and find them some really tasty treats without being unhealthy. If you can, try and get hold of the snacks before hand and eat them for yourself to see if they’re up to scratch!

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