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Try the Cycling Weight Loss Routine

Cycling for weight loss
People often think that the only exercises you can perform when you want to lose weight is jogging or aerobics. This is understandable; it is completely free and everything you need is a pair of proper shoes. However, jogging can hurt your ankles and joints if performed on hard courts for a longer time. In order to avoid this one can alternate jogging with other fitness routines which can achieve similar results. This way you can avoid monotony, protect your body and lose weight too. Cycling is one of the best alternatives to running when it comes to weight loss, fitness and cardio training. Cycling weight loss is incredibly quick and easy to obtain.

The best time to try a cycling weight loss routine is during the spring and autumn. These are cooler times of year, with excellent weather for biking. Summer is also a great season for cycling, however it’s only recommended to bike during the evening hours. This way you won’t risk excessive sun exposure and avoid the extreme heat. During wintertime one can replace cycling with stationary biking, or can switch to some other indoor fitness weight loss activity.

Cycling is a good opportunity for weight loss as it is an activity which offers pleasure, beautiful landscapes and some quality time with your friends. Motivation is also easily found during this activity. When you have the chance to see something beautiful as you are exercising you are much more likely to take the opportunity to do so. You can cycle for landscapes, you can cycle for meeting your friends or you can cycle for performance. No matter for what you cycle the results are visibile, your entire muscular system will be reinvigorated, you will burn significant amounts of fat, you will lose weight.

Cycling and weight loss go hand in hand and all you need to obtain excellent results is a bike and a helmet (although, for those of you who feel unconfident it may also be worth investing in some shoulder and knee pads).

Many of us live in glorious countryside with a varying terrain which is excellent for a cycling weight loss routine. You can choose the intensity of your journey; whether you cycle uphill or on level terrain and therefore add progression into your routine; it is best to start flat and work your way up, so to speak. However, cycling and weight loss go hand in hand because it is the easiest thing to incorporate into a weight loss programme. You may not feel comfortable jogging to work but you can cycle along the roads with very little trouble. Many work places have bike rails outside so that you can chain it up safely during the day.

Cycling weight loss programmes are extremely effective at burning off excess calories. For somebody who weighs around 70kg, a 30 minute cycle ride can burn off 148 kcal; a massive amount considering that 30 minutes can be a commute to work. Cycling and weight loss are synonymous with one another because it is so efficient; it is so easy to incorporate a bike ride into your daily routine and very easy to keep it up. The only thing you have to worry about is whether you’ll be able to get yourself back on if you do happen to fall off!

Cycling weight loss routines are incredibly flexible. You can schedule your own routine. It depends on how long you want to bike, what results you expect and how fit you are. To start it out go for a 30 minute ride per evening every weekday. Rest during weekend’s. After you gain some stamina go for longer rides during the weekdays and schedule yourself a landscape ride during the weekend. It should be about 20-30 miles long. If you manage this check your weight loss results, your overall fitness condition and if needed and wanted increase the numbers. Good luck!

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