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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy a Cure for Morbid Obesity

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Dr. David Treen performing vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery

Good news for all the morbidly obese people! There is a ‘miracle’ quick weight loss solution, which can help you lose up to 100 pounds (46 kilograms) within 6 months. It’s not diet or exercise and even not pills! It’s surgery; the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. This medical solution is also called bariatric surgery and weight loss is achieved after significantly reducing the size of the stomach. The reduction can be accomplished through implanting a medical device, or through sleeve gastronomy, which brings to removal of a portion of the stomach.

Morbidly Obese people are those that have a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 40 and 50 while the Super Obese individuals have a BMI of over 50. Remember that normal Body Mass Index ranges between 18.9 and 24.9. These extremely obese individuals claim that they can’t lose weight no matter what diet they follow and how much they exercise. They experience intense sensation of hunger and present numerous side-effects caused by obesity: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Doctor David Treen, a bariatric surgeon at the Surgical Clinic of Louisiana, is an expert in performing vertical sleeve gastrectomy. He informs that the surgery is performed in less than one hour and the patient can leave the hospital the same day. However, there might be a slight issue; the Sleeve Gastrectomy is not covered by a normal US health insurance. The costs of this medical procedure average at around $12,000. It means that you can cure obesity and all its side-effects at the cost of a medium priced car.

Dr. Treen informs, during his interview for ABC News, that the weight loss results of a sleeve gastrectomy are different from patient to patient. It depends on the starting weight, the higher the obesity rate, the bigger the weight loss. The patients lose the most weight in the first 6 months, with best results averaging at 100 pounds. After this initial period, weight loss is decelerated until the patient returns to normal weight.

During the 45 minutes vertical sleeve gastrectomy, a patient loses about 85% of his stomach. He ends up with a stomach with “the capacity of a plastic Easter egg,” according to Dr. Treen. The doctor admits that he can perform multiple surgeries until lunch, due to advanced technology and experience. With around 15 million Americans described as morbidly obese, Dr. Treen should have plenty of work to do, until his retirement!

Is this bariatric surgery considered expensive?
Dr. Treen answers to this question and shows that this surgery is not only aiding weight loss and improving weight but also helping morbidly obese people to save a lot of money that they would otherwise spend on a bunch of pills for control their blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin levels:

“While the cost is in the neighborhood of $12,000 for everything… it’s been shown, by studies, that the savings…it(the surgery) pays for itself within 3 to 4 years.”

How does vertical sleeve gastrectomy aid weight loss?
As mentioned before, the patient loses around 85% of his stomach. Ghrelin, a peptide hormone that stimulates appetite and fat production, goes away together with it. Patients will never be able to eat huge meals, not even normal ones as their stomach will get filled much quicker, without feeling hungry ‘to soon’.

“Most of our patients tell us after surgery that they are not hungry, ever…”

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a new type of surgery. No short term problems have been reported so far and it’s to early to speak about long term side-effects. Predictions are encouraging!

Watch an informational video of the Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy:

News from: ABC News

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    I am 56 year old. My weight is more than normal. But the main problem is that I have high blood pressure. can i go for this surgery???

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